Know The Medical Use Of Marijuana

Marijuana is also used for medicinal purposes. It is derived from the same cannabis plant but for medicinal use. There is absolutely...

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Marijuana is also used for medicinal purposes. It is derived from the same cannabis plant but for medicinal use. There is absolutely no difference between marijuana for recreational use and marijuana for medicinal use. The plant from where marijuana is derived has more than 100 chemicals and these are known as cannabinoids. Each chemical component has a different and specification. Depending on the body structure and the health of a person, marijuana is prescribed. THC and CBD are the main chemicals that are used in medicines. When people smoke marijuana and feel high, this feeling is due to the presence of THC.

Medical use

Marijuana for medical purposes cannot be found in any dispensary but in only some specific marijuana Palm Springs with the help of prescriptions prescribed by the doctor and with the doctor’s signature. No dispensary cell medicinal marijuana without any consultation with a doctor. It should also be remembered that not all doctors are willing to prescribe marijuana to their patients.

It is prescribed only in cases where medicines cannot work or where marijuana works better than medicine. Each state has certain specific cases in which marijuana can be prescribed by doctors. A person is given an ID card with which they can buy marijuana from a marijuana palm springs.

Ways to consume Marijuana

There are five ways in which marijuana can be consumed by patients. These are:

  • Patients can use the dry leaves of the marijuana or the buds and Crush it to get a fine texture and then roll it up in papers called joints and smoke it up directly.
  • Patients who are advised by the doctor not to smoke the cannabis can use a vaporizer in place of a joint and inhale the vapor. Vaporizer for inhaling cannabis can be easily found in any dispensary Coachella.
  • Some doctors prescribe their patients to eat cannabis by mixing it with cake or brownie batter. It can also be mixed with candies and lollipops.
  • Consumers can also use cannabis as a lotion or oil. Sometimes doctors prescribe their patients to apply it directly to the affected area for better results.
  • Patients can also try placing a few drops under the tongue.

Works differently on each person

Each method works differently on each person. The doctor knows your symptoms and how through the use of marijuana one can overcome the illness or disease. Bonn-Miller has explained the medicinal value of marijuana in few words as “If you eat it, it takes significantly longer. It can take 1 to 2 hours to experience the effects of edible products.”


Though marijuana is known for medicinal values too much usage of it can lead to depression, Bloodshot eyes, Dizziness, Fast heartbeat, Hallucinations, Low blood pressure, and many such side effects. It also has an effect on judgment and coordination and thus should be used carefully. One needs to know limits and stick to it so that it can improve their health and not deteriorate it. Health is the most important thing that one has and needs to take good care of it in order to stay fit and healthy.

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