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Try Meatzillapizza and have a heaven feel

First of all, may I ask you a question? What do you think when you see a flattened large pizza dough, containing...

Written by Clare Louise · 1 min read >

First of all, may I ask you a question? What do you think when you see a flattened large pizza dough, containing well-roasted mushroom with finely chopped garlic and pepper, the pizza sauce, grated cheese and pepperoni inside a gas grill. I know your mouth just gets too watery and foremost thing that comes into your mind is to grab the too hot spicy pizza and eat without leaving small crumbs of it. If you feel so then you have to try Meatzilla immediately to satisfy your pizza hunger. You cannot call yourself as crazy pizza eater or pizza lover if you haven’t tried Meatzilla.

Wicked Food Company

Before knowing about Meatzilla, let’s first see about wicked food company. They are the one to introduce such a delightful pizza. Their ultimate aim is to create the tastiest, unique, and unforgettable pies with a lot of pizzas. The incredible chefs working over there was combining many pizza combinations for taste tests and ended up with four palatable pizzas, particularly Meatzilla. These wicked pizzas are really wicked that will make you say yes to pizza though you are not a pizza lover. They also give special offers and updates once you sign up in their official site and signing up is a worth good if you are a foodie.


This pizza is a masterpiece for meat lovers and if you are thinking to eat meat along with pizza, this is going to be a goddamn chance for you. This pizza consists of your favourite five types of pepperoni yes, five types of meat what you are carving for. Do not doubt yourself you are reading it correctly. The pie is loaded with five different pepperonis like savoury Italian sausage, fleshy Canadian bacon, zesty pepperoni, sizzling Italian sausage and grilled bacon. This is actually a unique pizza combination having brought all your favourite pepperonis in one bite.

You can find a classic crust which is just crunchy on the top and chewy in the innermost part with the correct proportion of the toppings. The crust looks like the golden brown colour and defies its taste in its appearance and texture. This would make you feel fully balanced when you take off your first bite. As of now, everything is fine but how do we call a pizza as pizza without cheese. Meatzilla is a burst of double cheese that is parmesan and mozzarella which makes it too scrumptious. I bet you would taste succulent when you see the well-blended and finely baked pizza.

The wicked food company has really gone wicked by combining both the cheese and meat. They have rocked the whole world of pizza lovers with this incredible pizza combination. After tasting a bit of pizza you would not let anyone share it. I do not know till now, what you are waiting for? Just go and grab a Meatzilla pizza which is easy to get. Go to a local grocery shop and find the freezer zone where you could stock up the raw pizza. Preheat your oven and set the temperature of 450. Your scrumptious and sizzling pizza would be ready within 8 minutes.