Organic Tea – Going Back To The Roots For Better Health and Sustainability

Be it a king or a pauper, one beverage that appeases both with equal aplomb is a hot cup of tea. It...

Written by Francis Atencio · 2 min read >

Be it a king or a pauper, one beverage that appeases both with equal aplomb is a hot cup of tea. It is one pantry staple that involves an extensively laborious procedure to be manufactured and is available at different grades that suits the budgetary parameters of everybody across the cross section of the society. Tea can be the most premium off all beverages and at the same time the most affordable by every citizen.

The myriads of tea available in the markets all over the world, each with its own specialty, brewing practices that is unique to each variety or community that consumes it, the cutleries they are served in and the accompaniments to go with it – if you sit talking about it, it will trule seem like an ocean in a tea cup.

What’s All This Buzz About Organic Tea?

For more than a decade and half now, one word that is majorly influencing the grocery purchasing decision of the city bred is ‘organic.’ Essentially, it is also made its place prominent in the tea aisle as well. Organic labels are targeted at some discerning category of customers and are able to satisfy their taste buds perfectly.

So what is the difference between organic tea and the non-organic tea? Well, it is pretty much the same as any other organic produce – organic tea is completely bereft of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It involves more traditional agricultural practices that is ecologically sustaining for the health of the soil and biodiversity.

There is a rise in awareness about the uncalled for consequences of synthetic fertilizers that affect the farmers, the environment as well as the consumers. There is an increase in the number of organic tea manufacturers in India who have proved that good quality and large volume can very well be achieved through sustainable agricultural practices.

Organic Tea – A Health Potion For One And All

So every pack of organic tea you pick from the super market aisle, it does not bestow health just to you and your family, it also bestows health to the farmers that grow the tea plans, the tea leaves collectors who pluck the leaves in scorching sun. It bestows health to the soil that bear the tea plant and also to the entire environment that get exempted from being abused by harmful chemical fertilizers. And above all the entire process enhances the taste of the tea. The pride and feel good factor of supporting a more sustainable practice accentuates the pleasure all the more.

How to Identify the Authenticity of Organic Tea?

Organic agriculture has proved to yield better quality and taste. Hence if you are in two minds about the taste of your hot cuppa going down, be assured. You will enjoy your tea even better than the conventional or non-organic tea that you have been consuming for years. However, you should be careful about picking an authentic organic pack of tea leaves. Only then will you be able to sip into a cup of flavorful tea that is not just healthy an tasty but also environmentally responsible.

A pack of genuinely authentic organic tea will have a third party accreditation. Their blending facility will be inspected and ensured that all the ingredients used right from the farm to the packaging of the tea is essentially organic. Ask you organic tea leaves supplier in India about the certifying body to get a better clarity of the picture. Hence make sure that you don’t pick just about any pack with the word organic written on it. First verify and then add it to your cart.