How Animals can help you beat Addiction

Animals can be our best friends, our confidants, and our companions. But what is it that makes cats, dogs, etc such a...

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Animals can be our best friends, our confidants, and our companions. But what is it that makes cats, dogs, etc such a useful thing when in recovery from addiction after drug rehab? Here are some of the main benefits that our furry friends can provide us with following rehab.

Emotional support

This is particularly important if you live alone. Loneliness is a major concern in recovery. If you are lonely you are more likely to feel depressed and lacking in social support. If there is an animal around, it’s not exactly like having friends and family about, however it’s also extremely far from being alone. Animals evoke positive emotions – it’s really easy to care for something which is so cute and fluffy. In caring for another creature it will make you feel better- especially after a time like following rehab clinic.

Pets are a responsibility.

In having the need to feed them, play with them, take them to the vet and walk and groom them. Usually people don’t like things that require a lot of time and attention. However when you’re in addiction recovery after rehab it can be exactly what is needed. Having to build a kind of routine to care for your pet is pretty much necessary! They will g you out of bed wr or not you like it! Have you ever experienced the impatience of a hungry cat? They are NOT going to leave you alone anytime soon! They will demand your attention and more often than not you will be inclined to give it! After all – they’re so cute!


Most people have some kind of pet – if your one for small talk you can talk about pets as a mutually enjoyable topic of conversation. The fastest way to get to know the people who live in your neighborhood is to get a dog and walk it every day! Small talk with Barbara who lives down the road might just be what you need – as regular social contact is important for recovery.

You certainly shouldn’t be sitting in isolation at home – walking is the ideal chance to get some fresh air and some low-key interaction – you’re only going to have to say stuff like “how old is she? Cute” that’s about it!

Dog owners get more exercise

So aside from having a chit-chat, you will also have the exercise! If you walk just to walk then you’re quite likely to skip it when it’s a bit chilly or rainy – however if you have a furry canine buddy who is looking at you with those big puppy dog eyes which say ‘mate, when we going for this walk? You’re more likely to push through and get out there! I don’t have to tell you this but literally any mental health issue is improved by regular exercise. If its frequent, low intensity activity it doesn’t seem like much but you’ll get much more exercise a week than someone who doesn’t walk a dog!

Pets are not everyone’s cup of tea

Pets are fantastic for those who are up to the challenge – they aren’t necessarily a good idea for everyone! If you’re in the very early stages of recovery after drug rehab then time and expense a pet requires could feel a bit overwhelming! OF you think that there’s a chance that you could relapse and forget about your dog being tied up outside for a week – you should probably wait a while until you’re ready. You can get most of the benefits mentioned above by simply volunteering to walk dogs or play with cats at the rspca or another shelter – or maybe you have friends with animals you could hang out with or pet-sit for! Any chance you get to take care of an animal is going to improve your mood!

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