Contacts Or Glasses – Which One Is Better?

This is a never-ending dilemma. it’s like dog vs. cat lovers, you’ll always have a preference for one without any particular reason....

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This is a never-ending dilemma. it’s like dog vs. cat lovers, you’ll always have a preference for one without any particular reason. Some people love contacts more and others love wearing glasses. But is there a medically proven fact which one is better?

There around 45 billion contact lens users around in the US. A lot more wear glasses. It’s said that 6 of 10 Americans wear optic aids for getting a better vision. See more on this 2017 link to find out about stats connected with this issue.

Why contacts

Contacts are great for people that are not afraid to touch their eyes. If you don’t have this problem but you’d still like to know more about contacts pros, read on and learn.

They don’t change your appearance

People love contact lenses because they don’t change the way you look. It’s actually really hard for anyone to notice if you have ones. In most of the cases, only you can know if you wear them or not. They are great because a lot of people don’t like how they look when they put frames on their face.

They have a wide range of vision

Unlike glasses, contact lenses are designed to be a part of your eye. When you place them well you don’t need to worry about anything else. You see just like you’re not wearing anything. This means there are no obstructions of any kind. When you wear frames, they always find a way to get in the line of your sight.

They don’t disturb your movement

How many times did you have trouble because of the frames? You can’t give a proper hug or a kiss, you can’t lean your head against the wall or on the pillow, glass frames are a real bugger some times. Lenses don’t have this problem. They are never in the way.

Some contacts can heal you while you sleep

Some contact lenses are specially designed for wearing while you sleep. This is the time when they work and heal some eye conditions like myopia. It’s really a wonderful way for painless correction of your cornea. Ask your ophthalmologist if you think you can benefit from this idea. If you haven’t chose one, just google contact lenses near me and find the closest one.

Great way for experimenting

It’s the new millennium and face corrections are something that’s done daily. Today, you can use technology to get a different eye color. With contacts in different colors, you can be hazel, black-eyed or a blue-eyed person every day. Of course, not everyone is bold enough for this, but some people are.

Why glasses

Glasses are the best choice for people who don’t like getting their fingers inside their eyes. It’s really not a pleasant thought touching your eyes and let’s not even talk about really doing it. Here are some of the things why glasses are a better idea.

No direct contact with your eyes

As we already said, not everyone is ready to touch their eyes with bare hands. This is also a perfect way of getting all kinds of diseases, irritations, and infections. When you wear eyeglasses you can be sure that you’re preventing yourself from any of these potential hazards.

They are more durable

Lenses need to be changed daily. They are more expensive in the long run, and also they are less durable than the eyeglasses. The glasses are very fragile too and can be broken if you forget about them and smash them accidentally, but the lenses are about 10000 times more fragile. If you don’t mind to the absolute maximum you’ll make them useless.

They change your appearance

We literally just said lenses don’t change your appearance and we highlighted it like a good thing, right? Of course. The reason for this is that some people like to experiment with their looks and like to get a different face in the eyes of others. Eyeglasses and sunglasses completely change your face and how you look. Some people like better how they look with glasses than without them.

They offer protection from weather issues

Another good side is that the frame and the glass offer some protection against wind, dust, and similar weather conditions. They protect the eye which is not directly exposed to the outside world which can only be a good thing.

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