Properly Prepare for a stay in a Rehabilitation Facility

Overcoming a drug addiction may be too difficult for you to do on your own. There are many people who check themselves...

Written by James Boynton · 3 min read >

Overcoming a drug addiction may be too difficult for you to do on your own. There are many people who check themselves into Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab centers each and every day. The centers provide both inpatient and outpatient treatment options for addicts.

The great thing about Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab centers is that some or all of the cost may be covered by insurance. Simply contact your local insurance agent to find out if drug rehab is covered by your policy and make an appointment to go to the rehab center that’s covered. If you haven’t been able to beat your addiction on your own, choosing an inpatient treatment program may be the best option for you.

When entering a treatment program, you’ll be away from the outside world for an extended period of time. In order to ensure that you’re able to come back to a fully functional life, proper preparation needs to be done before you go into the facility.

Make Arrangements for Your Children

If you have kids, you need to be sure that they’re going to be properly cared for while you’re away. Choose someone you trust to watch them who is located near your children’s school. This will cut down on the hassle that’s involved with getting your children to and from school each day.

Be sure to let your children’s teacher know that they’ll be staying with friends or family for an extended period of time; fill out any necessary paperwork to allow their caregiver to take care of anything that arises at school while you are away. It’s also best to write a letter that allows the person to seek emergency medical care for your child if needed.

Make Arrangements for Your Pets

If you have pets, you need to be sure that they’re taken care of too. Either take them to someone’s house who can take care of them or make arrangements to have someone come to your house to feed, water and care for the pets while you’re in treatment. You can hire a pet caregiver if you don’t know anyone who can take care of your pets for you.

Clean Your House

When you get home from rehab, the last thing you’re going to want to do is to clean your home. You’re going to want to spend time with friends and family and try to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. Cleaning your house before you enter rehab is the best option because then you know you don’t have any stress to come back to when you finish your program.

Halt Your Mail Delivery

It’s important to go to your local post office or online and make arrangements to have your mail delivery paused for a certain period of time. Seeing mail pile up in a mailbox is a sign that no one has been home for a while and more than likely won’t be home for a while. This creates an open invitation to would-be burglars to come into your home while you are away and steal things for you. You can have the mail delivery halted for as long as you want, and the mail will be held at the post office until you come to get it.

Get Time Off of Work

Talk to your employer about your plans and request to have time off of work. Many people are fearful to ask for time off because they think their boss will fire them for having an addiction.

That’s not the case, though. If you have worked at the business for more than a year, work more than 1250 hours per year and the business has more than 50 employees within a certain number of miles, the employer can’t fire you for going to the facility.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) protects you from wrongful termination due to a drug addiction. The employer must give you time off work to get the help you need and must have your job ready and waiting for you upon your return by law.

Prepay Any Bills that You Can

Talk to your bill collectors about your situation. You don’t need to tell them that you are going to go to drug rehabilitation, though; you could simply let them know that you aren’t going to be available for the next month or so and would like to prepay your debts so that you don’t fall behind on anything. Most bills can be paid in advance and any that can’t be may charge a slight fee for a late payment. Calling ahead and letting the company know could allow you to avoid having to pay the late payment if the bill can’t be paid ahead of time.

Talk to Friends and Family about the Situation

Many people think they should only talk to their friends and family about getting help for a drug addiction when they’re in an intervention. That isn’t the case, though; letting your loved ones know you’re going to treatment can help you not only be held accountable when you get out but also give you the extra boost of support you need to get through the treatment. Your friends and family will also know to check on your house every now and then while you’re gone to make sure nothing has happened while you were away.

Making the necessary arrangements before you go into a drug treatment program at a rehab center from Blue Cross Blue Shield allows you to spend time focusing on the care that you are getting rather than worrying about all of the things that could be happening outside of the treatment facility.

In order to really beat the addiction, you need to focus on what you are taught and learn how to put it into practice when you get out into the real world. Proper preparation makes it easier for everyone involved to get through the time with as little irritation and stress as possible.