Hair loss solutions for healthy and smooth hair

Everyone regardless of age or gender wants to have healthy and smooth hair. However, bad lifestyle choices, unhealthy diet habits, and other...

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Everyone regardless of age or gender wants to have healthy and smooth hair. However, bad lifestyle choices, unhealthy diet habits, and other issues including the genetic composition cause people to lose hair in copious amounts. It is then when it is important to find solutions and the correct treatment of hair fall.

With that said, let us discuss some effective treatments of hair lossand homeopathic medicines for hair loss

  1. Proper Hair protection: weather conditions such as extreme sunlight, rain or dirt can cause hair fall to worsen as they cause an excess buildup of dirt and dust on the scalp which causes the scalp to dry out. It is wise to shield hair with an umbrella or scarf when weather conditions are not hair friendly.
  2. Using Hair styling equipment: Equipment such as curlers, straighteners and even hair dryers that blow off objectionable degrees of heat can cause your scalp to lose its moisture and also burn your hair. Thus, it is only advisable to use very occasionally. Excess use of styling gels and creams also cause hair to lose its normal texture thus causing them to lose their quality.
  3. Oiling the scalp: Regularly oiling the hair and scalp with essential oils extracted from almond, aloe veraetc. retains the quality of hair and strengthen hair quality, a mild wash with cold water a few hours after keeping the oil to sit on the scalp helps to get rid of the dirt and unclog pores. Thus, causing the hair fall situation to alleviate

Homeopathic treatment of hair loss focuses on finding the root cause of the hair loss in a person as the reason and case would vary from person to person, once the reasons have been evaluated, the right course of homeopathic medicines for hair lossis administered

  1. FluoricumAcidum: this is recommended to people with alopecia which is a condition that causes hair to fall off from spots of the scalp. It has also proven to be very effective to stop hair fall in patients dealing with a long time sickness.
  2. CalcareaCarbonica: better known as the Calcarea Carb, is very effective in restoring and promoting regrowth of hair in patients who have also complained of itching.
  3. Vinca Minor: This is prescribed to patients who have hair loss accompanied by severe dandruff issues. Which is yet another agent to abnormal hair fall
  4. Silicea: These medicines are advised to balding patients and also has the potential to cure eczema that leads to dandruff.

A lot depends on the person’s lifestyle and habits; however, it is a proven fact that genetic composition affects the hair on the largest extent.