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The overall performance of our bodies is dependent on the state of our health. Good health can be achieved through the gym,...

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The overall performance of our bodies is dependent on the state of our health. Good health can be achieved through the gym, yoga, and participating in sports. Most people have discovered that yoga gives the best within a short time. This is because it improves spiritual, mental, and bodily wellness unlike the others that focuses on the body only.

Yoga History

Yoga has existed for around 5000 years now. It was practiced in ancient India as part of Hinduism practices. Later, the world discovered it offers numerous benefits and adopted it. Today, there are thousands of practitioners purporting to offer best online yoga classes in physical locations and online. You should choose your teacher carefully since some are just amateurs and the courses offered are different.

About Glo

Glo is an online yoga training center. Its experienced network of instructors specializing in modern and classical yoga offers the best online yoga as shown by the feedback from its community. Currently, Glo caters for people from all walks of life including dads, athletes, students, CEOs, and moms-to-be.

The yoga content by the Glo group of online instructors ranges from minutes to hours. Hence, you should not be worried if you have a few minutes available or a whole day because Glo has developed a custom course for you in every location.

If you are a beginner, Glo is the place for you. You will learn the seven chakras step after step. By the end you will be able to meditate and be conversant with the pilates. For expert, Glo best online yoga is the best place for advancing your career.

Glo Courses

Glo is home to a long list of practices enjoyed by its subscribers. Below is a brief description of some of them;

  1. The Heart of SmartFLOW II by Annie Carpenter- Annie is an expert in modern yoga and classical yoga philosophy. The advanced methodology improves your body, mind and focus strength and awareness.
  2. Yamas and Niyamas by Stephanie Snyder- The two are the first two limbs of Yoga Sutras. They constitute the ethical guidelines that enables the learner to understand the world better creating harmony with the inner self. One yama and niyama is taught at a time in the 15 chapters course changing the body and mind simultaneously.
  3. Practice You by Elena Brower- This course allows you to know your true self through journaling, yoga, meditation, and contemplation. You study yourself and have a better link with your inner self resulting in better control of your intentions. The course is composed of six chapters with topic material, meditation, and asana.
  4. The Art of Teaching Beginners by Jason Crandell- Jason has provided a comprehensive blueprint for teaching beginners because he knows very well it is not an easy task. You will learn the various philosophical ideas, techniques and poses, and know which comes first in the 15 chapters practice. The course also includes a four-week course that can be taught to the locals.
  5. Yoga of the Heart by Krisna das- Krisna is one of the greatest teachers in yoga’s history. He gives a series of practical tools and guidance that gets you off the mat. The course is composed of call-response, songs and anecdotes. The eleven chapter material is for the new and experienced individuals.
  6. Prime of Life Yoga by Larry Payne- Larry is one of the instructors who believe that the old and physically unfit individuals can also learn yoga. The practices constitute lectures, yoga step by step, and pose modifications. At the end of the 5 chapters, your body and mind will be revitalized.

These are just some of the courses available at Glo. You should visit the site and learn more besides determining the best depending on your yoga level. Through Glo, you are assured of learning the best online yoga.