There is no cure for infertility??

Infertility can be difficult but it never the end of the road which leads to parenthood. Thanks to the latest technologies which...

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Infertility can be difficult but it never the end of the road which leads to parenthood. Thanks to the latest technologies which are promising and is a gift to these couples who are fighting infertility. Most often people are not aware of infertility and what causes them. They are ignorant to a point that they keep trying for years before they finally discover the infertility treatment option. As this comes in late, their fertility health deteriorates further and this is the reason why doctors keep saying that age and fertility health are closely associated. The older you get, your fertility health worsens. Infertility is not a disease or an infection but it is a condition because of which you lose the ability to conceive. Talking of infertility, male infertility is more common than female infertility.

There is no cure for infertility but infertility can be by-passed. Some of the doctors out there, even claim that infertility can be reversed but the chances of this happening are very less. IVF expands as in-vitro fertilization is a process by which the male sperm cell is made to mate with the female egg cell inside a controlled fertilization chamber to form the embryo. After the incubation period of the embryo, it is artificially inseminated inside the uterus for it to grow. There are many auxiliary treatments like IUI and ICSI which aids in IVF treatment. Any fertility center will have most of these technologies.

When one of my close friends was looking out for the best IVF center in Mumbai, it took her 3 months to discover the one she felt comfortable with. The evaluation criteria were simple. Any fertility centre should have all the latest technologies and the expertise which can treat mild to complex infertility issues. The better the technology adoption and the experience of the doctor the better would be the outcome. This is very important even before you understand who has the infertility problem. The centre should have proper counsellors who can help us understand the complications of infertility and the significance of the treatment. There are multiple hospitals which claim to have all these but in reality, it is always a false picture. There are many good hospitals around and it is your duty to research and get into the best ones.

Always remember that infertility is a very small thing in life and there is no reason why you should lose hope as you are backed by science and technology. Hence we urge you to get your mind clear first before you embark on the journey for infertility treatment.

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