Treating And Preventing Fungal Nail Infection

Fungi are normally living on our skin. When it starts to overgrow, infection appears. Then it can be tricky to treat, as...

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Fungi are normally living on our skin. When it starts to overgrow, infection appears. Then it can be tricky to treat, as it is very persistent. The toenail fungal infection is more common than the fingernail, as we spend more time in footwear, and our feet easily get warm and sweaty. Those are the conditions when the fungi will grow.

First changes that you may notice is a different color of your nails, from white to yellow, and it is possible that your feet become smelly. After some time, the toenails will lose its thickness, become brittle, and begin to deform.

Some people are more at risk of this infection, for example, those who have diabetes, poor circulation in their feet, have artificial nails, are 65 years of age or older, those who have a nail injury or skin injury around the nail, swim in public pools, have a weakened immune system, wear tight shoes such as boots.


Lifestyle is key for preventing a fungal nail infection. Keep your nails clean and well- trimmed for sure, but pay attention not to injure the skin around the nails. If you already had a fungal infection, use antifungal sprays or powders regularly. Dry your feet well, especially your toes. Use your own items for pedicure and manicure, and go to trustworthy salons. Don’t use other people’s footwear, towels or socks.

Your podiatrist will point to prevention steps


At public pools and in the gyms don’t walk barefoot, because those are the places where you can easily get any kind of foot infection.  Wear socks that minimize moisture, and if it’s necessary, change socks often during the day. Avoid or at least reduce your use of artificial nails and nail polish.


Treatment for fungal nail infection is different depending on how much infection has progressed. There are available topical antifungal remedies that can help, but you must be patient as it can take some time. One newer fungal nail treatment by ModPod Podiatry is effective laser treatment.
Before the laser treatment                                     After the laser treatment

This treatment can give results after the first session. It doesn’t affect the nail, it only kills the fungi. But, the new, clear nail is not immediately visible. It should pass around six or eight weeks for first results. If this does not happen, the second session will be implemented. It is possible that the third session is necessary, but that is when a fungal infection is quite severe.

Make sure to find high- quality podiatrist on whom you can rely on and who have enough experience with the fungal infection. If you are searching for the podiatrist in Australia podiatrist Dee Why such as ModPod Podiatry is one that we recommend, with good reviews and experts in this field.

Final word

It’s not so hard to follow the prevention steps when it comes to fungal nail infection. Some of it you already knew. Still, if the fungi succeed to thrive, the podiatrists are here to treat it for good.



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