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Health insurance is something we all need to take, irrespective of our job, position or social status. Because, health implications can strike...

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Health insurance is something we all need to take, irrespective of our job, position or social status. Because, health implications can strike anyone, at any time. A health insurance acts as a protective cover over you when destiny decides to test you with trying times. It is said that the best friend will be the one who will lend a helping hand in the most trying times of our life. In that case, health insurance can be the best friend in the most worst situation when you are both physically and emotionally drained.

Imagine suffering a critical illness and having to worry about the rising hospital bills more than your own recovery! It can be a traumatizing situation for both you and your family. This is where a health insurance can become a beacon of hope and help you deal with the hospital bills and cost of medicines. Let us take a look on how a Health Insurance Coverage protects you:

Covers All Your Hospital Bills And Medicine Costs

This is probably the first reason why you take a health insurance in the first place. When a health implication strikes you like a thunderbolt and you are left in the dark looking for ways to meet the rising financial commitments, the health insurance helps you by paying all your hospital bills and cost of medicines.

Recuperating/ Convalescence Benefits

The recuperating or recovery benefits not only include payment of hospital bills, but also include all the recovery expenses of the insured person. This benefit covers the loss of income the insured person faces as he/she is admitted in hospital or in bed rest at home, unable to go to work. In case you have to be hospitalized for a longer duration, like seven or ten days, then the insurance company will offer you a lump sum as a compensation for the income you lose due to those days you are not able to go to work. Some of the policies even cover the visits of family members out of compassion to the insurer.

Alternative Treatment Coverages

Some people opt for various alternative treatment methods like yoga, homeopathy or Ayurveda. In such cases, your health insurance will cover the cost of these alternative treatments too.

Organ transplantation Coverages

There can be serious health implications where you might need organ transplantation. A kidney transplant can itself cost up to 5 lakhs. If you have a health insurance, you need not worry about organ transplant costs as your insurance will take care of all the costs. Most of the insurance companies will cover the entire cost of organ transplant whereas some others will set a certain limit for the costs incurred during organ transplant. In either way, it anyways lifts a huge load from your chest especially in traumatic situations like this.

Domiciliary Treatment Coverages

Sometimes, even after getting discharged from the hospital, you might be still recovering and would need care and treatments at home. Some of the health insurance plans will cover the expenses of your home care treatments too.

Daily Expenses Allowance

Your health insurance can also cover your daily expenses that are not included in the hospital treatment bills. It can be cost of food, travel, etc. Since you are hospitalized and without any income, your insurance provider will pay for your daily expenses. The amount offered for daily expenses can vary from one insurance provider to another.

Allowances For Daily Attendees

If you are seriously ill and hospitalized, you will need an attendant near you all the time to take care of you and help you. Especially, in the case of small kids, adults will have to take long leave from their office and stay with the kids at the hospital. In such cases, the health insurance will offer allowances for the cost of the attendees staying along with the patient. Most of the insurance companies fix a nominal number of days up to which they will pay the attendant allowance.

Free Health Check Up Allowances

Another great benefit of getting a health insurance is that you can get coverage for regular health checkups. Regular health checkups help you to detect illness early, stay healthy and find out issues faster and get treatments done easily.

Dental Treatment Expenses

Some of the insurance companies will offer coverage for dental treatments too. There can be limitations to the coverage offered and it can also vary from one company to another.

The above points clearly indicate how a health insurance protects you and helps you rebuild your life picking up pieces and joining them back. A financial help to lean on at times of distress can be a like a real savior. This is why all of us should have a health insurance to offer coverage for us all throughout the years. Start early and get a health insurance at a younger age so that you will have complete health insurance protection. Moreover, you also get benefits of no-claim bonus if you take health insurance at an earlier stage of life. This bonus can help you to reduce your premiums by the time you need your health insurance the most, by the time you become old!

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