5 Misconceptions about Oral Health

In case you didn’t know already, your oral health has a direct impact on your life quality and overall health. Still, many...

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In case you didn’t know already, your oral health has a direct impact on your life quality and overall health. Still, many people visit a dental clinic only when a problem happens. And as a result, costly interventions are performed, so that severe problems are dealt with.

Experts say that the misconceptions about oral health are why many patients avoid visiting dental clinics and skip their routine check-ups. So, before you prevent any misconception for accessing the best dental hygiene, let’s see up next to the five most common myths about oral health.

1. The harder you brush your teeth, the better oral health you’ll have

A common myth dentist hear about is about the pressure you apply when cleaning. Many people believe that the harder you brush the teeth, the cleaner they’ll become. But before you adopt this behavior, you should know that too much pressure on your teeth can lead to gum problems and teeth exposure. As a result, you might end up harming your teeth and expose them to decay.

2. Only sugar favours the appearance of cavities

We hear this sentence since we are children. Yet recent studies prove that sugar isn’t the sole responsible for cavities and tooth decay. Carbohydrates can remain on teeth long after you finished your meal, favoring bacteria and acid production. As a result, these acids mix with saliva and end up creating plaque. The enamel of your teeth is compromised, which might make you visit your dental clinic due to unexpected teeth pain.

3. You should visit a dental clinic only if teeth hurt

Many dentists hear this statement and feel ablaze by it. Correct oral health is not about seeking medical advice only when something hurts. In fact, many dental problems don’t hurt until the last stages. As such, it is extremely important to visit a dental clinic regularly. Your dentist will assess and discover any potential issues in their early stages. And as a result, the success rate for your treatment will be higher.

4. It would be best if you never used fluoride

A common myth amongst patients is that fluoride has a negative impact on teeth. And to solve this misconception, we mention the fact that several recent studies reveal that fluoride is a potent topical treatment that can deal with cavities. As such, if you want to avoid teeth issues, you should use fluoride treatments as your dentist advises.

5. You get bad breath due to incorrect oral health routine

Halitosis or bad bread can have numerous triggering factors. Indeed, poor oral health can contribute to this problem. But at the same time, halitosis can be an indicator of pulmonary or kidney issues. This means that regular visits with your dentists are required so that he or she will assess your oral health and determine the cause of your bad breath.

So, before you fall for any oral health misconceptions, you should book an appointment at your dental clinic. Ask for the advice of your dentist and follow his or her indications. The only way in which you can keep up your oral health is by preventing any potential problems.

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