Is price the only thing you look for when buying a condom?

The condom price is certainly important, but not as important as the condom safety and ease of use. We take you through...

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The condom price is certainly important, but not as important as the condom safety and ease of use. We take you through the factors to look for when selecting a condom.

By now, you are aware that you should have sex only with a condom on. Condoms protect you and your partner from unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STIs and STDs. But some men purchase condoms based on their price.

What is your condom using decision based on? Consider these factors:

* The manufacturer. You should buy condoms only from leading brands in India. The best brands put each individual condom through rigorous tests to ensure that there are no holes or tears when the condom is packed and sold. The condoms are also tested for durability, strength and function (whether they work properly as performance or adventure condoms, for example).

* The expiration date. This is a common factor that most men overlook. The older the condom, the higher the chances of its efficacy being close to nil. An old condom will have frayed or have developed perforations, or the latex body may have begun to crumble. An expired condom is as good as no condom, so check the expiration date before you buy or use the condom.

* How the condom is stored. The condom should be stored in a cool and dark place. Direct sunlight and heat can wear down the latex material and render the condom useless. Check if the condom has been inside the package for a long time – this also includes a condom you may be carrying in your wallet.

* What is condom made out of? It is recommended that you use latex or polyurethane condoms. They provide the most amount of flexibility – this makes them the least likely to tear even during vigorous sex. They are also widely available since leading brands use these two materials exclusively.

* Is it able to work with lube? An important consideration is whether the condom is compatible with the lubricant you use during sex. Lube is important even for the man – a couple of drops of lube at the tip of the condom can greatly reduce friction between the penis and the condom and make sex more comfortable. Water-based lube is best with latex condoms.

* How much does it cost? The condom price is also a factor to consider. But whether you think that the condom price is too high or not, the fact is that you must still buy condoms for sex. Leading Indian brands manufacture affordable condoms, so the condom price should not be a deterrent for buying condoms.

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