Signs That It’s Time to Have Your Eyes Tested

According to recent statistic, around 1.3 billion people in the whole world suffer from vision damage. Out of that number, 36 million...

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According to recent statistic, around 1.3 billion people in the whole world suffer from vision damage. Out of that number, 36 million people are fully blind and the rest have moderate to severe vision impairments. Another research shows that 80% of all vision issues can be solved and avoided if diagnosed in earlier stages. T

His means that 10,400,000 people could have prevented or healed vision damage if they gave their vision the proper treatments and attention. Other than old age, there are a number of signs which indicate that one should get their eyes tested. Here are the most common ones:

Headaches or Migraines

If you start having vision difficulties than your eyes will start putting much more effort in focusing and channeling the right vision messages to the brain receptors. This results in headaches or in some cases, problematic migraines. Sometimes these headaches can be symptoms for other conditions such as stress, insufficient hydration or hormonal imbalance. However, it is a very common symptom for undiagnosed vision damage.


It is a known fact that eye fatigue is common for people which excessively use books or computer screens in their daily lives. This is why when someone experiences eye fatigue or tiredness they immediately pinpoint the problem on a computer screen. Unfortunately, in most cases there are a larger number of hidden issues behind eye tiredness as it can be an indicator for eye infections or refractive errors. If your profession requires excessive computer use or reading, it is best to schedule regular appointments at the optometrist.

Light Sensitivity

If suddenly you become more light sensitive than usual then you must visit the eye doctor. Extreme light sensitivity, also called photophobia can be a sign for eye infections, meningitis, detached retina or corneal abrasions. It is more common for people with brighter eye colors and it is usually accompanied by headaches and vision disruptions. Depending on the diagnosed condition, the optometrist may prescribe polarized sunglasses or prosthetic lenses.

Vision Disruptions

Vision disruptions aren’t known to be unusual. We can experience them if we change lightning or suddenly stand up. They can be in the form of auras, black spots, light flashes or small floaters. You should have your vision checked if you frequently experience long lasting and persistent vision disruptions. They can be caused by retina damage as holes and detachment.

Poor Focus

One of the signs for vision issues is difficulty focusing on nearby or distant objects. It can be followed by blurry vision and light sensitivity. Some people have inconsistent focus which manifests in certain lightning levels or distances. Usually people start realizing they have focus difficulties while driving at night. It starts with you not being able to identify street signs or with you seeing halos around street lights. Trouble focusing usually occurs in people with frequent electronic screen use. If you notice blurry vision or difficulty focusing, visit an optometrist.

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