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Know the Problems Caused by Impacted Wisdom Teeth!

Wisdom teeth,the third and final set of molars which can’t break through the gum completely are known to be impacted. The impacted...

Written by Clare Louise · 1 min read >

Wisdom teeth,the third and final set of molars which can’t break through the gum completely are known to be impacted. The impacted teeth can develop cavities, gum disease, cysts and can even damage the neighbouring teeth. To prevent future dental problems, professionals who offer reasonable wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney suggest having the impacted teeth removed. Here are some problems caused by the impacted wisdom teeth.


When a wisdom tooth gets impacted, there is a possibility of infection around thesite. The tissues, gums and blood vessels around the tooth are more prone to infection. It becomes reddish, swollen, and extremely painful.

The infection of the soft tissuesaround the impacted wisdom tooth makes way for harmfulgum disease called pericoronitis. It is the bacterial infection which mainly attacks the bone and gum tissues adjacent to the teeth. When left untreated, this can even spreadto the nearby teeth and gum. Over time, the gum disease cancompletely destroy the soft tissues and leads to tooth loss. Therefore, smartly choose wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

Damage to the Nearby Teeth!

The pressure exerted by the impacted wisdom teeth can damage the nearby teeth.That is, when the impacted wisdom tooth pushes the nearby teeth, it increases the risk of infection in that site. This pressure can evenlead to problems liketeeth crowding and misalignment. At this phase, you may need an orthodontic treatment to straighten the teeth. The constant pressure exerted by the impacted wisdom teethaffects the roots of the tooth leading to tooth decay and even tooth loss.


Partially impacted wisdom teeth are more prone to develop cavities.That is, it’s really hard to clean the area nearby the impacted wisdom teeth, and the food leftovers and bacteria can easily get trapped between the gum and the teeth. Because of this, the nearby tooth gets decayed easily. Choosing cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney makes it easier to preserve the teeth and gums clean and cavity-free.

Risk of Cysts and Tumours!

Impacted wisdom tooth develops a sac within the jaw bone. The sac filled with fluidforms a cyst which can damage the oral structures. In some cases, it results in the formation of tumours. At this phase, it is important to extract the impacted wisdom teeth to avoid further damage to the jaw and teeth.  Cysts and tumours can even destroy the healthy bone structures resulting in extreme pain.

Teeth Crowding!

Crowding is one of the significant problems that arise from the impacted wisdom teeth. An impacted tooth can push the nearby teeth, imposing them out of alignment. The misaligned teeth also affect yourbiting ability. Thus, it’s good to have your impacted wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is completely affordable!