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Cosmetic Dentistry in New York: Is It Recommended for Children?

As a parent in Thornhill, it’s normal to be always concerned about the dental health of your children. Whether it’s reminding them...

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As a parent in Thornhill, it’s normal to be always concerned about the dental health of your children. Whether it’s reminding them to brush their teeth routinely or to discourage them from taking too many candies, every little effort pays off in the long run. However, you can’t always be there to prevent some issues. They just happen.

Whether it’s teeth staining or teeth loss, such issues are best addressed by a specialist. In this case, you need to take your kid to see a cosmetic dentist. The expert specializes in improving the aesthetic nature of teeth, gums, and other oral entities. However, most parents are a little skeptical about choosing cosmetic dentistry for their kids. So, is it safe for the little ones? Well, it depends on the procedure.

Most procedures are ideal for emergency situations and not just for the sake of it. Ordinarily, they are supposed to be done on permanent teeth and not milk teeth. However, you need to confirm from your cosmetic dentist before you can resort to any procedure.

Cosmetic Dental Solutions Recommended for Children

  1. Microabrasion

This cosmetic dental treatment is safe for kids who have stained teeth. Kids develop discolored teeth because of using certain medications or because of a traumatic injury. Though there are a few whitening toothpaste and bleach that can clear the stain, they are not very effective if the stain is deep-seated. This is where Microabrasion is powerful. It involves using an abrasive but mild acid to scrub off the stain.

  1. Bonding

This cosmetic dental solution is recommended for kids with chipped or broken teeth. It involves techniques like veneers, crowns, and teeth sealants. These materials are plastic and are meant to assume the appearance of natural teeth. Nevertheless, the teeth are not as strong as natural ones.

  1. Dental Flippers

Dental flippers are meant to fix tooth decay. The flippers are designed to look like dental implants. They mimic natural teeth and are used to replace decayed teeth.

  1. Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are perfect when your child has a smile imperfection. It happens when the kid is missing a tooth. In this case, a custom-made tooth is designed to act as the bridge. So, your child is able to smile naturally.

  1. Use of Braces

In the case of crooked, irregular or crowded teeth, the dentist may opt to use braces. They help to straighten the teeth and to improve their organization. They also contribute to a lovely smile.

Cosmetic Dental Solutions Not Recommended for Children

The most obvious cosmetic dental solution in this category is a dental implant. Ordinarily, implants are meant for adults because their jawbone is mature enough to support them.  The problem with kids is that dental implants may not be fixed when knocked off. Since the children are always in a playful mood, they’ll inconvenience them. The other thing is that they can shift and move out of position resulting in pain and discomfort for the kids. This happens in kids because their jawbone is still growing, unlike adults.

As indicated, cosmetic dentistry in Thornhill may be a great solution for kids in specific situations. So, it’s not a thing that you go for without understanding the implications. Therefore, you should first talk to the cosmetic dentist before resorting to the option.