Best Ways How to Enjoy your Smoke

Regardless of whether you like soft or plentiful puffs, there various ways to smoke favorite herb. There are no limits if smoking...

Written by Odessa Sotelo · 1 min read >

Regardless of whether you like soft or plentiful puffs, there various ways to smoke favorite herb. There are no limits if smoking grass. Actually, there are several ways of smoking marijuana. But some methods are not as healthy; there is nothing wrong with cheering things up from time to time.

Your preference is soft puffs or large blows of smoke; there are several ways to enjoy the herb you like. It is difficult to say which the best method of smoking cannabis is, after all, it is about choosing the one that you like or agree. If your search is for new ways of smoking marijuana, or just would like to see what options are there, let’s check the top methods of smoking cannabis.


If you are a cannabis expert who likes big puffs, bongs are a great way of smoking marijuana. They have numerous sizes and shapes, and they also provide a good amount of smokes in a single puff.

The main advantage of this method of consumption is that they contain water, which, in addition to cooling the smoke, acts as a nicotine and resin filter. Another advantage bong has is that you make own concentration by yourself. But quality is recommended, and you can buy bongs online Canada, and there are various types available. Undoubtedly, bongs are part of the cannabis culture since time immemorial. Bong is a unique and appreciated method.


Blunts are mostly used for tobacco products, but many people are comfortable to use them for marijuana because of their discretion. In addition, blunts have several flavors. People also love blunts as they last longer and are easy to roll. And there’s plenty of grass in them, so you will be able to share with friends. But remember blunts have tobacco, so they are not a very healthy method of consumption.


Do you feel like heavy puffs but not with a bong? Try steamroller pipes, which are simply long tubes; although there are different designs. With steamrollers, one can smoke easily and quickly. Whereas bong contains water, they do not contain water and also free of any other substance.

Gas Mask

You cannot use a gas mask for smoking every day; you can be sure of filling your body with smoke if you use a gas mask. You just have to put on your mask, then you light the bowl, and that’s it, you enjoy the grass that saturates your face. This is the best way to enjoy marijuana the most, this method of consumption is ideal.

Gravity Bongs

If your bong does not work as well as you want, try a gravity bong. You do not need anything complicated to do it; you can make it with things you have at home.