Why you should always travel with a Berkey?

It is not always guaranteed that you will have a reliable water source when traveling, especially if you love camping or fishing...

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It is not always guaranteed that you will have a reliable water source when traveling, especially if you love camping or fishing in remote areas. The same applies to those who travel to or work in remote regions of countries abroad that are off the grid.

If you are used to a constant supply of great tasting water, then you will not be pleased to find that most treated water available at camping sites tastes and smells like swimming pool water. If you are tired of relying on bottled water – entailing a lot of carrying and the creation of a lot of rubbish – then you need to look for another option.

Investing in a Berkey Water System

The Berkey water system is not just a filtration system but is also a water purifier. It removes up to 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and other contaminants found in water. No matter where you have sourced the water that you fill up a Berkey with when it has been filtered it will be completely filtered and purified, plus it will taste great and be odor free.

There are various models in the Berkey Water System to choose from and they are all portable and have a spigot for convenience in dispensing. The system does not need electricity or water pressure to filter the water and you will also be able to use the water to cook with.

The top reservoir is where the unfiltered water is poured in and then gravity does the rest. As the water moves downward it passes through the Black Berkeys, the filters which remove all the undesired contaminants. The water is then held in the bottom reservoir to be used as needed. The two reservoirs hold the same amount of water.

In many farming areas, the water has a high concentration of nitrates found in the herbicides and pesticides used to spray crops with. These harmful chemicals find their way through the soil into our streams and rivers and then into our drinking water. If you are out camping and exploring, these chemicals cannot be removed from the water by just boiling it.1

Getting the ultimate use from your Berkey

  • If you need filtered water at a faster rate than your chosen Berkey size gives then all you need to do is to add more filters.
  • Choosing the right size can be a bit tricky, but we have included a list with their specs to make it easier for you to find your required size. Remember, don’t just take the number of family members into account but also look at the height requirements. It is important that the Berkey you choose fits perfectly in your RV. If you will also use the water to cook with then consider buying one of the bigger Berkeys.
  • It is always a good idea to have an extra set of filters with for any unexpected emergency. That way you will be able to provide your family and others around you with drinking water until help arrives. The Black Berkey Filters do not have an expiry date so can be kept for ages.
  • The Sight Glass Spigot is one of the accessories worth purchasing as an extra. Since you cannot see how much water is in the bottom reservoir unless you own the see-through Light Berkey. The only problem with the Sight Glass Spigot is that you will have to be extra careful when packing it away, but it is really worth the extra effort.
  • If the removal of fluoride is important to you and you know that the areas you are traveling to might have it added to the water then you can buy the add-on PF filters which also remove arsenic from water. These filters fit below the Black Berkeys and remove up to 95% of these unwanted elements from the water.

The 6 Counter Top Berkey Water Systems are:

System Holding Capacity Fully Expanded Flow Rate @ Full Expansion
Travel Berkey ~ 1.5 Gallons 2 Elements(Filters) ~ 2.75 Gallons / Hr
Berkey Light ~ 2.75 Gallons 4 Elements(Filters) ~ 7.5 Gallons / Hr
Big Berkey ~ 2.25 Gallons 4 Elements(Filters) ~ 7.0 Gallons / Hr
Royal Berkey ~ 3.25 Gallons 4 Elements(Filters) ~ 8.0 Gallons / Hr
Imperial Berkey ~ 4.5 Gallons 6 Elements(Filters) ~ 16.5 Gallons / Hr
Crown Berkey ~ 6.0 Gallons 8 Elements(Filters) ~ 26.0 Gallons / Hr

No matter which Berkey you decide on you can be sure that you will have a supply of tasty water wherever your wanderings may take you.

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