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8 Poor Dental Behaviours to Avoid for Improved Health and a Lasting Smile

Dental health can be linked to overall body wellness. Most people will do whatever it takes to have a long healthy life....

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Dental health can be linked to overall body wellness. Most people will do whatever it takes to have a long healthy life.

However, there are some behaviours that people commit inadvertly, not knowing they are impacting their overall health and well being.

Here are some poor dental behaviours to try and avoid.

Failing to Floss

Multiple studies have revealed that failing to floss and taking proper care of your teeth can cause gum issues like periodontal disease. This can lead not only to tooth loss, but has also been linked to cardiovascular problems.

Haphazard Brushing

Do not rush when brushing your teeth; you might leave behind some plaque build-up. According to dentists, you should brush and floss for about 10 minutes a day.

However, most adults spend an average of just two minutes brushing, which is not enough time to do a thorough job. The moral of the story is to be patient and thorough while brushing. Perhaps the old saying a stitch in time saves nine could be applied in this instance.


Other than affecting your overall body health, smoking causes oral problems.  Most people who smoke only care about the cigarette odour being on their breaths. They simply cover it with mints, gum and mouthwash.

However, smoking has worse effects than the stench you taste in your mouth. The smoke absorbs deep into gum tissues and can cause serious infections, resulting in tooth decay and eventually losing teeth.

Using Alcohol-based Mouthwash

Know the content of the mouth wash you intend to use. Some of the ingredients might cause more harm to your oral health than good.

If you use a mouthwash that contains alcohol, you are likely to experience drying in your mouth. After about 30 minutes of your breath smelling nice, your breath will smell worse than before.

Fizzy Drinks

Soda is neither healthy for your oral health, nor your overall body health because of its acidic nature and sugary contents.

The acid in soft drinks will erode your enamel – the protective coating of your teeth. Your teeth are likely to have cavities if the enamel grows thin.

Bleaching Often

Some people get so desperate to whiten their teeth that they bleach them every now and again.

However, teeth bleaching should not be a regular behaviour as the chemicals erode your enamel, making them translucently thin. A thin enamel will not protect your teeth from cavities.

Avoiding Dental Insurance

You cannot afford to ignore insuring your dental health!

According to statistics, most people without dental insurance coverage will not make an effort to see a dentist for a regular check-up unless they experience toothache which left for long enough may result in a major dental emergency.

It is important to have dental insurance coverage to reduce the burden of dental fees. The insurance will motivate you to see your dentist as often as you can without worries about heavy charges.

Regular checkups and cleanings will save you money on treatments down the line.

Ignoring Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can indicate a serious problem like diabetes; which is the reason why they should never be taken lightly.

If you spit blood when brushing, see your dentist to get a proper diagnose and treat the problem; you could be prediabetic if not diabetic. If not, you could still be suffering from gingivitis or even periodontal disease.

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