5 Lifestyle Changes to Help You Take Control of Your Weight Now

One of the leading problems in the world, especially in industrialized nations, is obesity. Statistics reveal that 1.5 billion people in the...

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One of the leading problems in the world, especially in industrialized nations, is obesity.

Statistics reveal that 1.5 billion people in the world are obese (the current population of the world is about 7.5 billion). Plus, studies show that obese people have a lifespan that’s 10 years shorter than that of people with normal weight.

Therefore, it’s no wonder the weight loss industry is one of the most lucrative fields of business these days. The numbers are alarming, and a lot of people around the world are taking measures to not or no longer be part of these statistics.

Weight loss techniques come in a variety of forms, and as health professionals have already done and continue to research the many reasons behind weight issues such as obesity, more weight loss strategies have cropped up through the years.

Some weight loss fads even border on the absurd such as heel-less house slippers which are supposed to improve muscle tone and work up a sweat by forcing the wearer to walk on tiptoe.

Suffice it to say, if you are hoping to lose weight to become healthy, there is a vast selection of options that you can explore. However, it is important to understand what your true needs are so you can go about your weight loss initiative in the healthiest manner.

There’s no special formula to healthy weight loss. In fact, a sensible diet and regular exercise will do the trick. A few lifestyle changes can greatly help as well. Here are some of these recommended lifestyle changes:

1. Ditch sugary drinks.

This can do so much in improving your overall health and jumpstarting your body for weight loss. Sugary drinks like colas, sodas, and ready-to-drink juices and teas are loaded with fructose.

Fructose can increase your craving for other sugary foods. At the same time, consuming fructose-rich drinks can make your body resistant to leptin, which is an important hormone that is known to control hunger and signal your body to stop eating. If you notice, your appetite is greater when you consume food and wash it down with cola or soda.

Drink water instead, or sugar-free tea.

2. Walk everywhere as often as you can.

This is believed to be one of the leading reasons why French women do not gain much weight. They prefer to walk to most of the places they need to go.

Walking is great exercise. It improves circulation and overall cardiovascular health. Also, walking is an activity that anybody can do; you don’t need to invest in special gear or equipment to walk.

But, if you want to lose more weight from walking, power it up. Increase the speed of your walk. Likewise, do it for much longer. If you walk for 30 minutes, you will burn some of your body’s stored fat. If you walk from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, you will burn even more calories and start losing weight.

3. Gift yourself every now and then with a weight loss boost.

Treat yourself to slimming therapy and other weight loss treatments. If you can buy your favorite food often, you definitely can spend some on weight loss boosting programs. The fast results that you can get from directing your resources to these boosters will have an amazing impact on your confidence.

How good your body looks after getting treatment can inspire you to make the results last for as long as possible and perhaps even build upon them, which is another positive effect of gifting yourself this boost.

4. Pick up a sport.

Working out does not need to feel like a chore. Get the exercise you need by learning a new sport. How about taking ice skating lessons? This will improve your balance and work out your core. Or, pick up badminton and play with friends, siblings or parents a few times a week. Doing this will not only get you to work up a sweat but also have loads of fun.

5. Serve yourself only portions of food.

By eating only a portion of a bag of chips or a cake, for example, you get to satisfy your craving for something salty or sweet without sabotaging your health efforts. No more of those situations wherein you got so distracted that you didn’t realize you had completely finished off an entire pint of ice cream.

Remember, when you serve yourself just a portion of food, you can actually avoid eating more than you intended to.

Commit to be and stay healthy

With consistency, commitment and effort, there is no doubt that these simple changes can bring you closer to your goal weight. However, be mindful and disciplined in implementing them. Turn them into habits. This way, you can harness their full benefits.


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