When Do You Need Mini Implant Dentures?


Mini implant dentures are an ideal alternative to the conventional dentures and bridges. They are often recommended in cases where you want to replace a single tooth or when loose fitting dentures need to be stabilized. The installation of mini implant dentures, Surprise AZ involves a minimum invasive procedure that results in comfortable dentures.

Mini Implant Dentures Procedure

Depending on the patient’s jawbone quality, the dentist can have four of the mini implant dentures fitted on the lower jaw or six fitted on the upper jaw. At Surprise AZ a patient requiring mini implants may opt for either a local anesthetic or dental sedation. During the process, a tiny titanium screw meant to imitate the root of the tooth is fitted into the jaw bone where there are no nerve endings. The head of the implant designed as a ball is then fitted firmly onto the screw, to securely sit on the gum. The result is a denture that can withstand considerable pressure thus promoting quick healing and long-term effects. A dental visit is recommended thereafter after every 6 months.

Benefits of Mini Implant Dentures

  • They offer Greater Comfort: Mini implant dentures fit better and do not need any bonding agents or adhesives. The discomforts associated with traditional dentures such as misalignment and slipping are not experienced when you are fitted with this type of dentures.
  • It is a Less Invasive Procedure: Mini implant dentures do not need any surgery or bone grafting. Multiple teeth can be loaded onto the titanium screw on a single procedure.
  • Mini Implant Dentures Heal Faster: This procedure is less invasive hence the healing time is short. Patients can eat light food a few hours after having the implants fitted with minimal discomfort.
  • They are Less Costly: As multiple implants can be mounted at a go, the mini implant procedures demand fewer hospital visits thus saving you multiple consultation and dental fees. Compared to traditional dentures, mini implant dentures, along with their titanium screws, are easier to produce further lessening the cost.
  • Mini Implant Dentures Promote Good Oral Hygiene: The dentures can be removed and cleaned as and when the patient wishes.
  • They are an Effective Way of Restoring the Patient’s Dignity: Mini implant dentures are a go-to option for patients with an extensive bone loss. Through the restoration of the jaw bone structure and the teeth functionality, the beauty of their smile is upheld.

Conclusively, not every dental patient qualifies for mini implant dentures. The determining factors include the achievable end results and the number of teeth to be replaced. In some instances, your dentist may advise that you get traditional dental implants or bone grafting if they think that such procedures are better for supporting the jaw bone.

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