Are You Feeling Guilty for Not Breastfeeding? 10 Reasons You should Not!

Breastfeeding is recognized as the most primeval and first palpable way a mother can display her eternal commitment to nurturing her baby....

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Breastfeeding is recognized as the most primeval and first palpable way a mother can display her eternal commitment to nurturing her baby. However, there are many reasons some women may not be able to breastfeed. Some of the major reasons include a health condition, long hours at work, social issues, and other struggles related to maintain her milk supply. Sometimes pediatricians declare a baby’s “failure to thrive” and advice baby formula.

It is natural to feel guilty of not give their baby breast milk. Also the society judge these moms as

“not good enough”. However, as a mom you must learn to accept the situation and forgive yourself.

Here are reasons to forgive yourself for choosing not to breastfeed:

  1. Affects Baby

Allowing feelings of shame, fear, and guilt can affect your baby. Babies are insightful little creatures. They can feel the energy you bring to them. So be positive, feel happy, laugh more, and focus on loving your baby.

  1. Do your Best

You can prepare a list of various ways to continue breastfeeding. Also find some remedies that can help the issue. Meet a lactation consultant. These experts will guide you well. There are a number of herbal remedies to look for. Better quality pumps are also available these days. Nursing pillows also help make breastfeeding process comfortable.

  1. Self-Care is Important for Baby

If you wish to nurture your baby and help her grow healthy and happy, prioritizing self-care. It will prove very beneficial for the baby. When a mother is healthy both physically and emotionally, the baby is healthy too. You can connect with your baby in a better way and attend to its needs.  A mother preoccupied with strain and helplessness is not able to think clearly and cannot respond to the present situation.

  1. Attachment is There

Formula fed babies are not deprived of love and affection. It is possible to create a strong bond with your baby even with formula milk. Breastfeeding is not the determining chart of a happy and healthy child. There are a lot of other things you can do such as talking, singing lullabies, cuddling, tummy time, and a lot more to make your baby happy and grow healthy.

  1. Nobody should Judge You

Why give others a chance to judge you? This will negatively impact your bond with the baby. The best way is to stop explaining to everybody. It is your personal choice. A mother’s instinct is the best for her child.

  1. Breast is Best but Not at all Costs

Although breast is best, it may not be best at all costs. In case, you are overwhelmed with a sense of disappointment and feeling similar to not liking the baby or process, reach out to an expert and be honest about your feeling. Formula milk can relax you a bit and help with developing attachment with the baby.

  1. The Research

According to a latest research and its result published in 2009 in a health magazine, breast milk and its benefits are overrated. The article suggested that breast milk isn’t all that it’s touted to be. It has also described that the apparent benefits of breastfeeding have been exaggerated. This article mentioned that the benefits are closely related to the type of parent breastfeeding as compared to the milk. It says that a formula-fed baby is likely to grow up as healthy as a breastfed baby.

  1. Not a Bad Mom

Women who don’t breastfeed are not bad moms. The decision is usually selfless resulting from unavoidable painful set of situations. A mom may have tried her hard and even felt like doing all that she can to breastfeed. However, when the result is a sense of failure and depression, giving up is the only way out. Feeling guilty is natural. However, you need to learn to get over it and make sure you enjoy quality time with your child.

  1. The Stress

If you keep piling on guilt and stress, it affects the baby. Simply accept the situation. If mom is not happy, the baby cannot grow healthy.

  1. You Tried

Yes, since you tried and did your best, there’s nothing to feel guilty about. You may try for a longer time. However, if things still don’t work, let go. Look ahead and plan things you can do for your child in future.

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