Choosing best maternity hospital:


Giving birth to a child is not easy. A woman needs special care and guidance all through nine months. Certain pregnancies are high risk and necessitate close supervision of the best maternity hospital in Chennai. Also, these days’ problems such as Type 2 diabetes, hypertension etc is on a rise. Women with such conditions require regular monitoring so that there is no risk to their health as well as health of the child. Regular ultrasounds are done to monitor growth of the child. For all such things and more you should consult leading gynecologists in the city. Some maternity hospitals also offer assistance in cases where conception is a problem. IVF has gained a lot of popularity off late. It is like a ray of hope for childless couples. A good maternity hospital will offer you help at each and every step.

How to locate the best maternity hospital?

Read testimonials of satisfied patients. This way you will get to know which maternity hospital is the best. In fact choose a hospital where the leading gynecologist of the city visits. If you are new in a city browse the web to get the required help. You can even consult people around you for suggestions. A young mother needs special care for her physical and mental needs. Childbirth and after care, is not as simple as it appears, and a good maternity hospital will provide you all what you need. .

Services offered by maternity hospital

  • Child-birth assistance
  • Stem cell preservation
  • Neonatal care
  • Fertility services
  • Pediatric department:


The joy of pregnancy is immense. These days maternity hospitals have workshops and sessions for the upcoming parents. This prepares them to handle their bundle of joy in a better way. The 24/7 available medical team ensures that proper support is offered especially in case of multiple or high risk pregnancies. When a team of expert doctors takes care of you and your baby, everything falls in place. Some Chennai maternity hospitals have tie-ups with child hospitals in Chennai so that in case any emergency crops up or the child is prematurely born, immediate help is available.

Child hospitals in Chennai

There is no dearth of good child hospitals in Chennai. Child hospitals offer specialized care for specialized needs of your child. They offer critical care services, neonatal care, treatment of rare genetic conditions including blood clotting disorder, anemia, developmental disorders etc. In case your child gets hurt it is advisable to take him or her to a child hospital as any kind of delay can cause extreme blood loss and complicate a child’s condition. The doctors are available to help regardless of time of the day so that state of art facilities is offered to your child. Some children are suffering from long term illnesses, mental issues. They need to be admitted to a child hospital so that proper care is taken and the child recovers fast. Rush to the nearest child hospital during emergency conditions.

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