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Top Questions To Ask Your Dentist Before Getting Dental Implants!

Do you know the success rate of dental implants averages about 95%? Your dentist suggested dental implants to replace your tooth. You...

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Do you know the success rate of dental implants averages about 95%? Your dentist suggested dental implants to replace your tooth. You will be immediately left with so many questions about dental implants which include dental implants cost Melbourne and what to expect from the surgery. You can ask your dentist all your questions, but you might not think of important ones until you have already left from his office. To make sure all your questions about dental implants are answered even before you get one for yourself, read our comprehensive list of the common questions before scheduling your surgery.

What exactly are dental implants?

A dental implant is nothing but a threaded titanium screw which is strong enough to be placed inside your jaw bone. Once the screw and post are set, your dentist will finish the implant tooth with a cap or a crown.

People mistakenly believe that dental implant makes up the entire replacement tooth. However, the implant replaces just the tooth root. The dentist will place the cap or crown on top of the implant to give you the look of your natural teeth.

Who can benefit from affordable cost of dental implants Melbourne?

If a patient is missing his tooth or many teeth, dental implants would be his right choice. Missing teeth can result in many problems which include difficulty in eating and chewing.

Once the patient gets a dental implant, they will no longer have to struggle with the troublesome gaps caused by the missing teeth. They will feel more comfortable and confident in their smile and will attend social functions without any fear of uncomfortable situations.

A dental implant will give patients a beautiful smile, the ability to resume eating their favourite foods and more confidence.

Are cheap dental implants Melbourne noticeable?

Not at all, not even you will be able to tell which is your natural tooth and which is your implant. Dental implants are made to feel completely natural in the mouth. Your dentist will match the shape and colour of your natural teeth to the implant.

The only way to discover you have a dental implant involves a radiograph which will show the metals that replaces the root of the missed tooth.

How long will cheap dental implants Melbourne last?

Dental implants often last a lifetime for patients who regularly floss, brush and follow all the recommendation made after checkups. Your dentist will provide guidelines and suggestions to better care for your implant.

Mostly the suggestions would be based on proper hygiene procedures, your genetic history which includes diseases that run in your family and your nutritional habits.

Following all the recommendations given by your dentist will ensure your implant has the best chance to last throughout your life helping you flaunt a bright smile.

Do implants require any special care?

Dental implants required the same care that your permanent natural teeth needs. Maintaining proper oral hygiene, scheduling regular checkups with the dentist and following a nutritious diet are the best ways to ensure your implant last for a lifetime!