How Michael Everest Philanthropic CEO, Donates $500K For IMG Pathology Training

Dr. Michael Everest recently donated $500,000 to the Davis School of Medicine at the University of California (UC). The president and CEO...

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Dr. Michael Everest recently donated $500,000 to the Davis School of Medicine at the University of California (UC). The president and CEO of Residents Medical Group in Los Angeles is a specialist in medical education and wants to help support pathology training for Indian and international medical graduates. His generous donation will go a long way, especially when it comes to training tomorrow’s medical professionals and specialists.

Michael Everest told India-West that medical institutions in the Caribbean have “good basic science.” However, graduates in this field tend to lack the experience needed for pathology studies. This is why his philanthropic, charitable donation will fill the gap by funding global medical graduates that want to endeavor in research training.

This includes stipends for graduates that will help them get their feet into doors of medical research and progress. While the monies are mainly for Asian-Indian graduates, they will assist other international graduates in pursuing employment in the same field. UC- Davis has a sizable Indian-American community with several students in the medical industry. From students and teachers to existing physicians, Michael Everest Array has done an excellent service to the school with his generous contribution to cutting-edge funding research.

The University is quickly becoming a haven for innovative medical research across a myriad of levels. They feature some of the leading medical training programs in the U.S. It only made sense for Dr. Michael Everest and Residents Medical to forge a partnership with UC-Davis. With over 20 years of graduate medical education experience, Residents Medical expertise includes ACGME accreditation for medical centers, clinics, and hospitals. They also provide essential guidance services for medical students and graduates of various programs.

These services enable the U.S. and international medical graduates to become competitively viable in the health and medical sectors. It also allows medical graduates to find gainful employment after graduation, positions that put their learned skills to use to better humankind. 

Residents Medical was previously known as U.S. Health Systems. Dr. Edwin Everest founded it, Michael’s father, who worked tirelessly to improve the quality of health of patients and medical institutions across India, the U.K., and the U.S. Dr. Michael Everest continues his father’s hard work and passion for improving the lives of patients with top-notch medical research and charitable activities.

Michael is a world-renowned cardiac surgeon who studied under the tutelage of Dr. Michael DeBakey. Michael founded The Everest Foundation to supports its philanthropic endeavors and charitable causes. The Foundation recently gifted $1 million to the Keck School of Medicine at USC. This, too, was courtesy of Michael Everest, who led the charge to establish the Edwin Everest Foundation Fund. The Fund will support medical research for postdoctoral trainees at the Department of Medicine. It will also help and train new global medical graduates entering medical diagnostic and research careers.

The Everest family has a long tradition of supporting graduate medical studies and education. Dr. Edwin Everest was a big supporter of medical school and empowering international medical students. Michael Everest continues the drive to fund and assist graduates that want to enter pathology and other types of research and studies. 

Like his father, Dr. Michael Everest believes that education is the key to success for tomorrow’s innovators and leaders. Sadly, many students lack the finances needed to pursue and achieve their medical careers. This is why the Everest Foundation plays a pivotal role in subsidizing costs for students and international medical graduates. These monies are critical in helping to build bridges of success for graduates and the communities they plan to serve.

It’s this kind of commitment to philanthropy that has led Michael Everest to great success in his accolades and achievements. Everest plans to continue funding medical research and education whenever the opportunities are present.


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