Help the Drug Addicts’ Quit Drugs and create a Drug-free World

Wonder how beautiful the world would look if there were less malpractices and more humanity. We live in a world where we...

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Wonder how beautiful the world would look if there were less malpractices and more humanity. We live in a world where we judge every other person based on our perception, rather knowing who he exactly is. We lend our hands to the one which seems good to us, and not to the ones who are really needy. We immediately judge someone who is a drug addict as a low morale person even if we don’t know the reason behind his addiction. Looking down upon the people who are involved in the consumption of drugs is not the answer.

The data of drug addict people is growing day by day, and we are busy cursing them instead of making them quit drugs [ เลิกยา, Which is the term in Thai ]  Drug addiction is really harmful and deadly. The illegal drugs eat up the whole body and makes you unconscious. So why not help people around us to quit the life-threatening drugs? We obviously can. But to do that, it’s essential to understand what drug addiction is and what can be its effect.  

So what is drug addiction?

  • Drug addiction is a kind of disease which makes you go crazy for the drugs. It’s like you cannot stay away a single day without consuming the drugs.
  • Drug addiction is such a dangerous addiction that it can cause your death.
  • Drug addiction affects mental health and steals all your strength and energy.
  • Drug addiction makes you dull, reduces your logical ability, and creativity as well.
  • Drug addiction disconnects you from all the positivity.

Effects of Drug addiction:

Although effects vary on the basis of the amount of drug someone is consuming, but is never a solution to the problem. Below are the effects of drug addiction:

  • Makes you feel lazy, sleepy.
  • Makes you hungry like a beast.
  • Reduces memory power, makes you forget things quickly.
  • Blocks all sensations.

Then why people take drugs?

Today, there is a more percentage of youths taking drugs and harming their lives. No one even bothers to know why and keeps blaming such youths. When people are unsatisfied or are in stress, then they tend to rely on such harmful substances.

However, drugs are the biggest problems that ruin their lives. But who cares about that today? Instead of blaming at least try to know what affected him so much that he switched to this fatal drug world. Help them deal with their real problem and เลิกยา as soon as possible.

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