Hair Vitamins That Can Block DHT

Ok let’s talk hair fall. If you’ve come across this article chances are, you’re part of the 50% of guys worldwide that...

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Ok let’s talk hair fall. If you’ve come across this article chances are, you’re part of the 50% of guys worldwide that are dealing with a noticeable level of hair loss. If it’s something you want to find a solution for, then it’s time to learn about the hair loss hormone DHT, and what you can do to stop it from killing your hair follicles!

DHT, otherwise known as dihydrotestosterone is one of the most wide-spread reasons for hair loss in guys. DHT is a male sex hormone that, according to Medical News Today, gives menmasculine characteristics, e.g. deep voice and facial hair and causes the miniaturization of hair follicles which goes on to lead to male pattern baldness.

How can hair supplements block DHT?

The main way that hair vitamins can help is to work to increase blood flow to the scalp, healthy circulation in this area helps to avoid the build up of DHT. When looking for the best hair vitamins to block DHT, take a closer look at the active ingredients.

Vitamin B3 or Niacin, can be found in mushrooms, fish oils, avocado, liver and seeds. Niacin has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties and helps to reverse hair follicle miniaturisation. Moreover, Niacin helps to ensure healthy blood flow to the scalp.

This is important as when circulation is restricted around the scalp, this reduces the likelihood of a healthy scalp and is an environment not helpful to hair growth.

This fascinating study discovered that men experiencing early Male-Pattern Baldness had subcutaneous blood flow that was 2.6 times less than guys not facing hereditary hair loss.  Damn.

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Let’s go onto our old friend Biotin. This is a water-water-soluble B-Vitamin that also helps to keep your scalp healthy. Although Biotin doesn’t block DHT, Biotin’s function in protein synthesis and more specifically, in keratin production, explains its contribution to healthy nail and hair growth. Biotin rich foods include eggs, tuna, berries, legumes and wheat.

It Really Works Vitamins contain a massive 800% of your recommended intake of Biotin, just enough to ensure healthy, optimal hair growth, but not too much to cause side effects including excess sebum and acne.

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