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Constipation and the sensation of bloating and abdominal tension afflict a good part of the population. A sedentary lifestyle, stress and poor...

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Constipation and the sensation of bloating and abdominal tension afflict a good part of the population. A sedentary lifestyle, stress and poor eating habits can cause these disorders or increase them. The intestine becomes “lazy” and must be stimulated to resume its normal motility. Usually invasive and annoying systems or real medicines are used. Here are some remedies to use before relying on drugs.

Natural remedies against cystitis

One of the first tips to combat constipation is to never ignore the urge to go to the bathroom. Many times we find ourselves outside the home or in situations where we cannot go to the bathroom. In those cases we are ignoring our body and the faeces harden more and more in the colon section, becoming dehydrated. Bloating and abdominal tension begin to be felt and when we would like to try to sit on the toilet in the bathroom we can no longer “get rid of”. With the best CBD Suppositories this goes perfectly.

Here are the natural remedies:

  • Water and baking soda: drinking a glass of warm water with baking soda as soon as you wake up seems to be one of Grandma’s main remedies against constipation.
  • Coffee: hot coffee stimulates intestinal motility thanks to the action of caffeine.

Fibers: a diet rich in fiber helps regulate the intestine

Whole grains: refined grains block intestinal motility, it would be good to avoid them in favor of whole grains such as rice, bread and pasta prepared with unprocessed and treated flours that increase the amount of water present in the faeces.

Apple and pear juice: the apple and pear juice, taken every day, helps the intestine to free itself thanks to the cleanliness exercised by these fruits inside the colon.

Prunes and Raisins: eating prunes and raisins, rich in organic acids, osmotic sugars and oxyphenisatin (natural laxative) helps improve discomfort. But be careful not to overdo it because they cause flatulence.

Sesame and pumpkin seeds: the seeds are oily and contain vitamins and salts useful for fighting constipation. Here too we must not exaggerate in the assumption. That’s just a couple of tablespoons a day.

Oil and water: drink a lot of water and take 3/4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to help the faeces remain soft even in the case of a long intestinal transit favoring natural evacuation.

Physical activity: keeping fit through sport promotes intestinal motility. A sedentary lifestyle, stress and medicines can block the natural function of the colon and intestines.

Natural remedies for constipation are the first solutions to be proposed in the presence of this widespread defecation disorder. Their ease of implementation and the low risk of side effects from their dependents place them in this position.

Natural remedies against constipation specifically, the natural remedies against constipation consist of: behavioral interventions, dietary interventions, herbal preparations with laxative effect and other special remedies, which cannot be placed in any of the previous categories.