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Are You Experiencing Worrying Sensations after Dental Procedures? Here is how you can deal with it

The advancements in dentistry have opened scope to cure almost all dental problems. There were times when our ancestors had to suffer...

Written by Clare Louise · 1 min read >

The advancements in dentistry have opened scope to cure almost all dental problems. There were times when our ancestors had to suffer from oral problems throughout their life due to the lack of treatment options. Nowadays, there are dental procedures safe and sound for any discomfort we face. However, dental procedures make patients uneasy. They fear not just about the procedure itself, but also the potential side effects. Although we recover shortly after dental procedures, worrying sensations do linger for a short period. Here, let us discuss some of the problems like numb tongue patients often face post dental procedures.

Numb tongue:

Tongue numbness is common after procedures done under anaesthesia until the effect of anaesthesia wears off. Dentist Parramatta often uses anaesthesia for more invasive dental procedures like wisdom teeth extraction. It is advised you visit only an experienced dentist who can handle anaesthesia well, because when something goes wrong, it may result you with lifetime problems. With anaesthesia when your tongue becomes numb, it should return back to normal within hours after the procedure.

Talk to dentist Parramatta if your tongue feels numb the day after the procedure. He will arrange a follow-up appointment and check your health to make sure you feel better. You should tell to your dentist exactly how you feel so he will get a better idea of the numbness you are experiencing.

Burning or tingling sensations:

It is not uncommon to hear from patients they feel tingling or burning sensations in their oral cavity after dental procedures. This could be symptoms of nerve irritation or damage. It might also indicate that the nerves are healing itself after a brief dental procedure. Generally, your mouth should feel normal again within a few weeks, but if you are worried much, visit an emergency dentist Parramatta immediately.


Some patients, after dental procedures, feel nauseous. Nausea is common after anxiety. If you are anxious, nausea can linger even after the procedure. You might also feel nauseated to sit straight up immediately after the procedure as the blood rushes from your head. Irrespective of the cause, nausea should pass quickly.

Sensitivity and pain:

Some sensitivity and pain are absolutely common after dental procedures like fillings. When exposed to hot or cold drinks or food, this unpleasant sensation might get exacerbated. It is not uncommon that the chemicals used during the procedure can also cause inflammation, which will subside in a week or two. However, if you feel any difference in your bite even after two to three days, visit Parramatta dental clinic immediately for a follow-up appointment. So that he can make the required adjustments to improve your bite and reduce pain.

How to get your mouth back to normal?

Patients who complain of worrying sensations in the mouth simply feel unpleasant with the way their body feels under the influence of anaesthesia. Focusing on activities that get your heart pumping to increase circulation could help you recover faster from anaesthesia. Effect of anaesthesia will wear out in a few hours. If you feel very uncomfortable, talk to your dentist so he can help you!