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Choosing the Best Face Cream

Skin care products are in plenty taking care of different aspects of the skin. Face cream is one of the products you...

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Skin care products are in plenty taking care of different aspects of the skin. Face cream is one of the products you will find in the market. However, there are too many brands and different types of face cream that it can sometimes be confusing when choosing the very best for your skin. You will therefore need to take a few things into consideration before settling on one.

Finding out what your skin type is should be the most important step towards finding the best face cream. The skin comes in different type and knowing what type yours is will be helpful in choosing the right product. Some of the skin categories are listed below:

Normal skin: normally soft and supple with visible pores is actually the best skin type since it requires little maintenance as compared to the rest of the skin types. When you fall in this category you will only need to wash your face well as you will not be suffering from things such as pimples and acne. However, when you need a face cream for the skin, you should go for one that is specially made for normal skin. It will help in maximizing the beauty of the face.


Dry skin: this skin happens to be very dry all the time which leaves it prone to skin infections and diseases. People with this type of skin will find that they have wrinkles around the mouth and the eyes and the skin feels very tight from all the dehydration. When in such a case, you will need a face cream whose formula moisturizes and nourishes the skin to get best results.

Oily skin: this type of skin is the hardest to maintain since it can be hard to control the levels at which the body produces oils as a result of metabolism. However, on realizing that your skin has the tendency of feeling oily a few hours after you have cleansed it, you can go for a face cream that is water based. This should be good in eliminating the oils keeping clogging at bay but at the same time ensuring the skin is well hydrated.

Sensitive skin: this skin will normally have capillaries that are quite apparent. The complexion will also look delicate and soft. It is prone to allergic reactions, irritations as well as capillaries that are dilated. You will need to go for a face cream that has natural ingredients and those that are hypoallergenic. You will however still need to test the cream before settling on it as the most ideal.