Work Your Face Out With a Microcurrent Facial


In case you did not know, your entire body is electrical. A cluster of cells found in the human heart produce an electrical pulse which keeps the heart beating. Those beats allow the heart to pump blood throughout the body, which keeps you alive. Body cells also generate electrical signals which power digestion, movement, circulation, and brain function. While this is so, wounds, injuries, skin sagging, and illnesses can disrupt electrical frequencies, causing your body to heal slower. In this case, microcurrent therapy, which is similar to the electrical frequency of the body, can add more electrons in your system, enabling you to make more energy and stimulating cell and tissue repair.

Microcurrent facials

At microcurrent facial NYC, you can get this miracle service for your face. It is one of the most popular ways to attain more chiseled facial features and lifted brows. It is a non-invasive facelift which uses a low-grade electrical current to make the muscles in the face appear more lifted, firm, and tightened. The procedure was in use since the 1980s, where practitioners used it to treat Bell’s palsy and muscle paralysis. The treatment was later adopted as an anti-aging procedure as it showed positive results with sagging facial muscles.

The benefits of microcurrent facials

When the muscles on your face start to sulk, a microcurrent facial can help lift them. You can have the facial weekly or once in a month, whichever you prefer.  The microcurrent also drains the lymph on your face, making you appear less puffy. The result is lifted eyes and a tighter forehead.  The procedure also stimulates the production of collagen, which gives your face a fuller look.

How the procedure works

The procedure is painless, takes up to five minutes, and you experience immediate benefits with no recovery time.  Microcurrent uses low voltage electricity to stimulate muscle, adenosine triphosphate, and collagen growth. It also reduces wrinkles,especially in the forehead.While the procedure can cost between $250 and $500 per session, some aestheticiansoffer additional services such as cleaning, extracting, soothing, and hydrating your skin.

Who should not do it?

If you have heart issues, for example, if you use a pacemaker, you should not get microcurrent facial because the procedure stimulates the blood. It is also not advisable for people who have severe acne as it will cause more inflammation.  If you have had a Botox or filler procedure done in your face, you should wait for at least a fortnight before you get a microcurrent facial. After the Botox and fillers settle in, you can get microcurrent, which will make the latter procedures last longer. The procedure is also unsuitable if you are a pregnant mother in your first trimester.

Home devices

If you like, you can also opt for home devices, although they are less effective compared to professional ones. These include Nuface Mini Facial Toning, ZIP Microcurrent facial device, Skin Care Experts Microcurrent Facelift, and Biosincron Microcurrent Face Lift Device.

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