Winstrol cycles for women


Among the list of very effective supplements for performance enhancements in women, Winstrol comes in the top. This is considered as very safe supplement for women. Winstrol is one of the very mild anabolic steroid which is safe for both men and women. If strong and smooth muscle tone and weight loss is the target then Winstrol is the best steroid; particularly for women.

Even though it is illegal to use this drug without prescription, it is available in many forms like inject able and pills online. Winstrol is in use from more than five decades. Bodybuilders and performance athletes always include this drug in their training as a main supplement.Image result for Winstrol cycles for women

Women and Winstrol:

Few of the very popular Winstrol available for women are Winnie, Win V, Winny, Winn50, WinnitroSE, Stanozolol, Winstrol Desma and Winidrol. When it comes to mainly bodybuilding, Stromba is the well known brand of Winstrol.

Stanozolol is the brand name of Winstrol. This is similar to testosterone. It is a manufactured anabolic steroid. Even though it is similar to testosterone there are few structural alterations made to increase the strength. It is available in both water- based inject able form as well as oral form. The inject able dose can also be used as a drink. Compared to other anabolic steroids, Winstrol leaves the body quicker since it has short half life.

Women weight loss and Winstrol:

Without excessive water retention and weight gain, lean muscle mass can be achieved using Winstrol. This can be cut with Anavar to yield enhanced effects. When slim and firm musculature is the target, then Anavar is the best choice. But this is not affordable for many people since it is very costly.

The side effects can be experienced by using Winstrol if doses are improper and these effects can be significant. Potential verilization is the most common effect caused by these anabolic steroids. This condition is nothing but enhancement of masculine characteristics in women. Some of the common symptoms are development of deeper voice; increase in body-hair, and even in some cases clitoral enlargement. Including Winstrol, most of the anabolic steroids can create and enhance male sexual characteristics.

Use of the Winstrol should be stopped immediately if there are symptoms of virilization in women. Comparatively, virilization effects caused by Winstrol are less than other anabolic steroids. So, many of the women performance athletes go for Winstrol. All of the anabolic activities can be achieved with less virilization effects by using Winstrol.


Like many other medications even Winstrol comes with few side effects. The side effects are almost same in both men and women. Common effects found in women are high cholesterol and acne. Since Winstrol is one of the hepatotoxic steroids, women should be very careful about liver toxicity caused by this steroid. Side effects can lead to liver damages in worst condition. Women must use detoxifiers along with this steroid. At the end of the Winstrol cycle women can go for liver reinvigorate.

Women who are taking Winstrol should follow proper diet plan.

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