8 Natural Remedies for Acne


Acne is a frightening condition that many are forced to live with and comprises of obstructed pores and bumps that can be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, using prescription treatments can even be more harmful. However, there are natural acne remedies which work.

Below are effective natural acne treatments which can compare to CBD Benefits:

-Olive Leaf Extract

An olive leaf extract scrub assists in controlling the microbial agents that lead to infection as well as bacterial growth. Also, olive leaf extracts contain compounds that fight aging due to exposure to the sun.

-Tea Tree Oils

Tea tree is efficient in the fight against fungal infections, treatment of rashes, burns as well as controlling dandruff and acne. Tea tree oil is an effective remedy for acne used by many.

-Acne Light Treatment

Acne light treatment is an excellent acne remedy which uses ultraviolet rays to stop the acne. This method is safe and requires people to sit under the ultraviolet light rays for a short period daily. This type of treatment has been successful for various people with different acne types.

-Cucumber Facial

This type of remedy requires two tablespoonfuls of sour cream, a food processor and one cucumber. The cucumber and sour cream are blended to make a smooth texture; then the paste is applied on the affected area and left for about ten minutes. Afterward, you can wash your face with mild soap and pat dry.


Honey is used to make most natural acne cures. Honey consists of a natural antibiotic which destroys the infection causing bacteria on the face. For excellent results, the honey treatment is applied in its raw state and left to sit for approximately five minutes then later washed off using mild soap.

-Healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle assists in getting rid of acne. You should avoid drinking coffee, sodas or alcoholic beverages. These drinks contain much sugar which may be harmful to the body and skin. Therefore, opt for natural fruit juices as well as teas. Also, avoid sugary, salty and sugary foods.


 Kampo is a Japanese natural medicine with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial elements and is effective against acne.


Homeopathy uses natural substances for instance herbs, minerals as well as toxic elements to formulate remedies for many ailments. It’s also effectively used to get rid of acne in both adults and teenagers.

You should always remember that your skin may respond differently to a particular type of treatment as it would for others. Therefore, it’s wise to make smart decisions since some remedies can lead to allergies to certain herbs and ingredients.

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