Why do you have Yellow Teeth?


Now that you are here and you are desperate to know about the reasons behind your yellow teeth, the first thing we want to do is calm you down. Of course, you are sad about your teeth and upset about the way you look when you smile or laugh; maybe some of your friends have commented on the way your teeth look and thus, you are embarrassed about it. However, when you have crest strips that promise to whiten your teeth, you should not be worried… at least not this much!

However, you may want to know about the reasons why you have yellow teeth. What you need to know is that different people may have different reasons for having yellow teeth. What you have to do is find out the reasons behind the deteriorating appearance of your teeth. You can go through the following list and compare your lifestyle with the mentioned things:

  • You consume a lot of coffee: No doubt drinking coffee has become a lifestyle these days, but there are hundreds of demerits of drinking this beverage and one of them is dullness of teeth.
  • Your teeth are exposed to wine or soda: Drinking too much of wine or soda can also make your teeth dull.
  • You are too lazy to brush at nights: Of course, you brush your teeth as the first thing in the morning, but if you are not cleaning your teeth at night, you are making the biggest mistake.
  • You don’t believe in flossing: When was the last time you flossed your teeth?
  • You do not visit a dentist for any regular checkup of your teeth: No matter how scared you are of dentists, you have got to visit a good dentist at least once in two months for a regular checkup.

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