What are the Ways to protect you from Radiation?


Exposure to radiation could result from an industrial accident, workplace exposure, or radiation therapy. There could also be a chance of deliberate radiation poisoning, but it would be very rare.

It would be pertinent to mention here that nuclear medicine has been used to target the thyroid in people having a thyroid disorder. Other kinds of medical treatment would be inclusive of radiation therapy for cancer.

Several activities could expose people to sources of radiation inclusive of the following:

  • Using a microwave or cell phone
  • Passing through the security scanner
  • Flying in a plane
  • Watching television

Protection from radiation

You should rest assured that radiation damage has been deemed irreversible. Once the cells have been damaged, they would not be repaired on their own. Until now, there has been no way whereby the medicine would be able to do it. Therefore, it would be imperative that if you were exposed to radiation, you should seek adequate medical assistance at the earliest.

The possible treatments would be inclusive of:

  • Removing of all clothing
  • Rinsing with soap and water
  • Using potassium iodide for blocking thyroid uptake in the event of you inhaling or swallowing too much radioiodine
  • Prussian blue would trap cesium and thallium and prevent absorption. It would enable them to move through the digestive system and leave the body through the bowel movement.
  • Neupogen or Filgrastim would look forward to stimulating the growth of the white blood cells. It could assist in the event of radiation has affected the bone marrow.

Based on the exposure, the effect of radiation could hamper the entire body. For intestinal, cardiovascular, and other related problems, the treatment would target the symptoms.

How to reduce exposure to radiation

The energy workers compensation program would provide you with specific tips to reduce unnecessary exposure to radiation. It would be inclusive of the following:

  • You should keep out of the sun during the midday. You should also make use of a sunscreen or wearing clothes that would cover the skin.
  • You should also ensure that any x-rays and CT scans that have been deemed necessary should be undertaken at the earliest. It would be especially true in the case of the children.
  • You should let the doctor know if you were or may be pregnant prior to having a CT scan, PET, or X-ray.

It would not be possible or essential to avoid all kinds of exposure to radiation. Moreover, the risk posed to health by a majority of sources would also be very small.

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