Understand The Way Curasept Mouthwash Protects Your Gums


You must have read various blogs where dentists emphasized on the fact which has now become a need as well to follow a good and regular oral care regime. Using the mouthwash can help you maximize the effectiveness and it supports the essential elements of oral care. The right type of mouthwash is very beneficial, and it should be used properly in order to make your mouth feel clean and fresh once again. Various doctors believe that consistency is the key to get a healthy mouth and bright smile and those who are afraid to share their smile can once again be proud of it. Doctors advised their patients the tactics to follow while brushing, flossing and how to use the mouthwash.

The Curasept mouthwash, containing chlorhexidine assists in preventing the decay and doctors often suggested not to use them immediately after brushing. Sometimes, spitting the mouthwash may wash away the fluoride action of the toothpaste. It should be used after lunch or the time perhaps when you are not brushing your teeth. By doing so, you can be able to get the advantage of both to its maximum.

Recommended Use of Mouthwashes

A study has shown that Curasept mouthwash should not be used regularly. You can use it sometimes in your oral care routine. Interdental brush and floss are sufficient enough and toothpaste that contains fluoride which helps in the prevention of decay and gum inflammation. Before using the mouthwash, you should not use water to rinse your mouth but rather spit out the excess toothpaste that’s left in the mouth. If you have used mouthwash, then it is advisable not to eat anything for an ideal time of 30 to 60 minutes. As this allows the ingredients to get settle, especially it gives more time to fluoride to act upon.

Some of the mouthwashes are helpful in treating the gingivitis or more specifically known as bleeding gum. Doctors advise that even after using the mouthwash, if bleeding doesn’t stop, then it is the time to check with the dentist and understand the reason why this is happening. Well, mouthwash and brushing should be used at separate times. Each time, 20 ml of mouthwash can be used and for 30 seconds you should gargle it and then spit out. In order to get the best result, wait for at least 30 minutes before smoking, drinking or eating.


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