Treatments And Techniques To Counter Hearing Disability


Once a hearing disability is detected, it has to be treated immediately before it worsens. If the issue is neglected, it can also aggravate to deafening of the ear completely. Each hearing disability requires its specific solution. Those who are unfamiliar with the usual processes might get confused. So for better understanding, some common treatments for hearing disability are elaborated in detail below:

  • SoundBite Hearing system: It is most commonly used by individuals who suffer from single-sided deafness. The system constitutes two main elements namely the Behind-the-ear and in-the-mouth device. As the name suggests, the former unit is placed behind the ear and it intakes sound from the surroundings. It then transfers the same to the latter component in a wireless format through bone transmission or conduction. These units possess batteries and can be charged accordingly. It is provided with the product as a package. As most individuals do not prefer surgeries, they opt for this technique. Not just that, unlike other treatments, it is also economical in nature.

  • FM Systems: As the name suggests FM systems uses similar types of radio signals that are commonly used in FM radio. It is an assistive listening device connected to a frequency band that sends speech signals to the hearing components. Unlike SoundBite which focuses on the environmental sounds, FM systems curtail them and give more importance to the hearing ability of the speech.

  • Cochlear Baha: This surgical technique for better hearing capacity is utilized by individuals who have major hearing difficulties. Such individuals aren’t benefitted by hearing aids such as SoundBite or FM. In this, a person suffers from profound hearing disability because his or her inner ear fails to perform properly. Cochlear Baha operates the functions of the inner ear, otherwise known as Cochlea and outputs signs to the brain. Results have proven that after the process patients have developed around 80% of sentence comprehension.

  • Digital Hearing Aids: Unlike other hearing aids, this one contains a microprocessor which receives signals and adjusts the frequency to fit accordingly. It directs the sound to fit one’s volume preference. With various modern technological features, digital hearing aids make a more appealing option compared to the rest.

So no matter what hearing trouble you are suffering from, Audiologie Centre-Ouest test auditif provides all the above-listed treatments, helping people to easily counter auditory issues and start living their normal life once again.

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