STDs and social life


Are you afraid that you may have contracted STD? Do not worry as this article will help you in dealing with such situations and also in dealing with if you are detected with an STD. Over the years, STDs have become a taboo in our society and hence youth are not forthcoming in getting themselves screened. This behaviour is highly detrimental towards control and prevention of STDs as screening is the biggest weapon that we have for fighting STDs. It should be understood that one person screened with an STD will save 10 others from getting infected. As already said, STDs have become a taboo and as result it is becoming difficult for individuals to come out get screened. Getting oneself tested on the internet through online STD testing is the best way to bypass the taboo.


Getting more and more people tested is the best way of controlling STDs and that is the reason why Governments all over the world and even WHO is running massive drive to test people for STDs. The social stigma with STDs does not end with getting screened because if you turn out to be positive with any STD then the real trouble begins. The person diagnosed with STD does not only need medical and psychological help but also societal help. We need to make the environment and immediate surrounding of people struggling with STDs suitable enough so that they can live their life normally. WHO has laid down guidelines for creating environment that are conducive for STD affected people. Along with provisions for medical counselling these guidelines have very strict anti-discrimination policies.

STD is a very generic term and it covers a range of infection. Some of them are very ordinary and gets treated on their own whereas others are so severe that they can never be treated 100%. Usually the bacterial infections are the ones that can be treated and viral infections are the ones that stay with the host forever. AIDS is the deadliest STD known to man as it has consumed more than a million people in its fold. The good news is that the latest medical science enables us to live with AIDS without much difficulty. Modern day medicines are able to contain AIDS and its symptoms to a large extent and hence it is now possible for people suffering with AIDS to live a normal life.

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