Practical tips to maintain good oral health


When it comes to your Oral Health and Hygiene, it is very necessary to know some practical tips to avoid dental issues that may cause serious issues. Dental Clinic in Barrie – Dr Adam Chapnick is your one stop solution for all your dental needs. Dental Clinic in Barrie, specializes in all your dental related problems.

It very necessary to follow some practical tips to maintain Good Oral Health-

We always know some simple things such as Brushing and Flossing which is important to maintain the oral health. But these are not the only measures to avoid dental issues. There are some little things, which are necessary to keep your teeth and gums, fresh and healthy.

  • Always visit your dentists periodically- There are always some unreachable areas, which only dentists can inspect and can find any issues. So, do not avoid Dentist visits, as this will worsen your oral health.

  • Stop Tobacco Smoking – Tobacco smokers always has serious oral issues. Tobacco not only puts yellow patches but also causes unhealthy conditions at all the times. Tobacco smokers always consume lot of different things which has sugar content, that are used to prevent bad breath that arises from smoking. This type of foods results in tooth decay. Although if you decided to quit the smoking, it is very necessary to visit your dentist for check-up and fix the issues caused by smoking.

  • Food rich in Nutrients, Vitamins and Calcium – Your Oral health is directly related to the diet intake. Lack of Calcium can cause your teeth to weaken and eventually decay. It is necessary to take proper calcium diet such as milk, yoghurt, cheese and other dairy products. You may also need to consider proper vitamin supplements for healthy teeth and gums. Potassium, Iron, Zinc and Copper are also necessary to boost your oral health.

  • Tongue Cleaning – It is very necessary to properly clean your tongue on daily basis. Most of the bad bacteria’s are found on the tongue. The cause of bad breath is also the result of unhygienic tongue conditions. It is advisable to use properly designed Tongue Cleaner to clean the unexposed areas that creates the oral health issues arising from the tongue.

  • Tooth Sensitivity – This is also the factor that if ignored can cause serious issues at later stages. Always visit the Dentist, if you are facing even slight sensitivity. Gum infections aroused due to this may cause permanent loss of teeth. It is advisable to visit and to do regular check-up to avoid further delays in oral health issues and monetary loss.

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