Migraine (One Sided Headache): Some Foods That Trigger The Migraine


Migraine the headache which makes one irritable and painful situation that no one easily recovers from. People who suffer from migraine attacks know well. Sometimes it occurs while eating something and that trigger you to avoid that particular food. A headache that is followed by aura or disturbance and person is sensitivity to light and sickness. The migraine attack lasts from 4 hours up to 72 hours. But you can easily reduce the migraine attack if you avoid the migraine triggers. People sometimes start having the migraine medication that is available in the market as well as online store. Canada drugs authentic and legitimate online medicine hub that provides prescribed medicine, so it is important to consult your doctor before having any kind of medicine yourself.

A migraine is a problem that never be ignored by anyone and never try to have medicines without the doctor’s consultancy. Some of the foods that trigger the migraine attack, about which everyone should know, are:

  • Citrus food– Because of the high level of tyramine fruits can be the trigger for the migraine attacks. But normally fruits are considered to be the healthy food for everyone. But it doesn’t work for the migraine sufferer.
  • Caffeine– There is a two-sided work of this caffeine, for some people it works to alleviate the migraine while for some others it triggers the migraine attacks. People who are migraine sufferer must notice the effect of caffeine on them.
  • Alcohol– During the process of fermentation the level of tyramine increases in the whiskey, beer, red wine, and champagne, so people who frequently consume alcohol and are migraine sufferer can have the drastic effects on them.
  • Cheese– Tyramine is the substance that is the first factor that triggers the migraine. This is also in this case as aged cheese can trigger the migraine. And in cheese family mainly mozzarella, camembert, and parmesan cheese are the culprits. People suffering from migraine must avoid the consumption of cheese.
  • Chocolate– Some of the migraine sufferers have the negative effects of chocolates while some doesn’t have. As chocolate doesn’t contain caffeine so it has the different effect on different people.
  • Aspartame-Everyone is fond of soft drinks, there is an artificial sweetener called aspartame which is a trigger for the migraine. It is also present in many other foods.
  • Processed Meat– Processed meat like bacon, pepperoni and sausages that contains the high level of tyramine and there are preservative and additive such as nitrites and nitrates that works as the trigger for the migraine sufferer.

Aged or fermented food mainly contains tyramine and it is a natural substance that is present in them. It is also found in leftover food. People who are the migraine sufferer must avoid fermented, left over and aged food. Migraine is not a problem that one can’t overcome. Proper consultancy and medication help to reduce the migraine attacks. Avoiding these foods and proper medication helps you to be free from migraine.

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