Melatonin Sleeping Supplements – A Perfect Way to Treat Insomnia


Melatonin is considered as the best remedy to treat the disturbed pattern of sleep. One can get the sleeping patterns restored with the usage of melatonin. Some people tend to take the melatonin even after the regular natural sleep but it should not be done in such a way. One should take the melatonin in apt concentration and should avoid it once the sleep becomes natural.

Reason for disturbed pattern of sleep and how to correct them?

  • Every body consists of circadian rhythm and once any disturbance occurs in such cycle, it leads to disrupted sleeping patterns. Some people do not know that what is circadian rhythm. So circadian rhythm is the cycle, which controls the sleeping and waking pattern and melatonin, is the hormone, which regulates this cycle. Although melatonin get produced within the body but sometimes the deficiency of this hormone occurs due to variety of reasons and this deficiency results in the disturbed pattern of sleep.
  • Another name of this hormone is darkness hormone, because the melatonin release by stimulating the nervous system in the darkness and induces sleep and this hormone‘s secretion suppressed in the light. Melatonin gets suppressed or secretion of melatonin gets supressed or reduced with aging and menopause. So as to treat this, there are melatonin sleeping tablets or supplements which are available in the market and one can make the sleeping pattern regular. One can also get the supplements like Melatonina from the online stores and can get at their doorstep. One should take this supplement, one hour prior of sleeping. So if anyone wants to sleep on 10 then one can take this supplement at 9:00 pm.
  • In some countries, it is not possible to have the melatonin supplements without the prescription slip while most of the countries offer this supplement without the prescription slip. A wide variety of melatonin is available in the market like capsules, tablets, liquid suspensions etc.
  • The dosage of melatonin varies from individual to individual. It is high in the women suffering from menopause and different in the people who are using it because of aging. So one can initiate taking it with the lowest dosage and can increase it with the time, if required.

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