How to Make Life Easier for People Suffering from Alzheimer’s disease


When a person with dementia gets a suitable surrounding, they could look forward to leading a satisfying and productive life for times to come. Chances are higher than they would be living a more happy life for years to come with fewer instances where they get angry or show the behavior of being worried. The caregivers would also become less stressed and work towards making life easier for Alzheimer sufferers.

They would also look forward to making the most of the company of the person suffering from Alzheimer’s.


What could the caregivers do for the patient?

The caregivers could add creative and fun-filled activities to the daily routine of someone having dementia issues. They could assist them in thinking about pleasant memories of the past. They could also add various kinds of activities that could be deemed useful and meaningful. The caregivers should encourage the patients to make the most of what they could still comfortably do. It would be pertinent for the caregivers to share happy and relaxed moments with the patients.

Let us delve briefly on some of the things that could be done for making life easier for Alzheimer sufferers.


  • Helping them feel Comfortable and Safe

You should adjust the routine of the patient in order to make them safe and comfortable in their home. It would be imperative to reduce the frustration of the patient by interacting with him or her more. Look forward to reducing the confusion, if any, about space and time.

  • Providing Emotional support and a Relaxed environment

Different patients would find relaxation in different things. It would be based on their likes, dislikes, and personality. You could consider some important things such as lighting aromatherapy and incense sticks, playing instrumental music, bhajans and providing a small altar for worship. You could also make use of pet therapy for few dementia patients who were fond of pets. Pet therapy would be useful in Making life easier for Alzheimer sufferers.

Group of old people walking outdoor

  • Addition of meaningful Activities to the Daily Routine

People suffering from dementia would have been leading an active and useful life prior to the condition. However, the reducing abilities might make them feel worthless and useless. Therefore, you should add meaningful activities to their daily routine. It would be pertinent that you find activities that make the patients feel good about them along with making themselves useful. The activities should be chosen based on their state of dementia.

It would be imperative to add fun and entertainment in the life of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. You should take extra time from your schedule in order to spend time and talk to them.

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