Why Hair Transplant is a Safe and Effective Hair Growth Procedure


Hair Transplant is a popular solution for people who suffer from hair loss. A head full of hair is desired by almost all and the idea of male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss is devastating for many people. Many people lose their confidence once this hair fall problem starts. Nowadays people in their youth start suffering from male pattern baldness. Many young women also suffer from serious hair loss due to stress and other problems. Losing one’s hair in the youth is very damaging to a person. Their physical appearance drastically changes and people tend to lose confidence because of this. One of the most effective ways to combat baldness, thinning of hair and hair loss is to get a hair transplant surgery done.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgery that was developed in the 1950’s in the United States of America. There has been a lot of research gone into the process since then and today there are various modernized techniques of the hair transplant surgery that is more convenient and popular in 2018. The two main methods of this procedure are the Follicular Unit Strip Method and Follicular Unit Extraction Method.

Doubts about Hair Transplant

When anybody mentions surgery, immediately a person tends to start getting doubts and feels nervous about it. They start to question whether the procedure is worth the risk and effort. By understanding the details regarding the procedure, makes a person looking to undergo this procedure much more calm and confident about it. The following are some of the facts regarding hair transplant that make it reasonably safe and effective in combating hair loss and baldness:

Safety & Hair Transplant

  • Hair Transplant is very popular all over the world among the young and the old who suffer from this problem. It is a relatively safe procedure if it is done by a renowned board certified plastic surgeon.
  • The patient is given local anesthesia which makes the scalp numb and hence there will be less or no discomfort during the procedure.
  • After the procedure, the patient is given antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection. This makes the post-operation procedure also relatively safe.
  • After the surgery, once can cut, shave or style the hair as per the requirements.
  • The donors hairs are taken from patients own body. Hence there is no risk of any allergy.
  • The complete procedure is done under the well-maintained OT room where the doctor and team use sterilized instruments and thus avoid any chance of infection.

Hence, we can say that hair transplant surgery is completely safe.

The Effectiveness of Hair Transplant

  • In comparison to other modality of treatment like taking hair loss pills, medications, and natural home remedies, this is a much more viable and cost-effective method for combating hair loss and baldness when seen in long-term. Hair transplant is one-time expense and permanent solution to treat male pattern baldness.
  • Hair Transplant is effective for men and women of all ages. This means that older folks can get rid of their bald spot easily through a hair transplant. Many youngsters lose their hair at a young age. The success rate of hair transplant among young age people is also very good.
  • The result of Hair transplant depends on the expertise of the surgeon. If an experienced surgeon does a hair transplant, the results will be more effective.An experienced surgeon will take care of proper placement, right angulation and direction of the grafts in order to give it natural look. These surgeons are experienced enough to do the surgery in a way that makes the hair transplant look as natural as possible.
  • Getting a hair transplant is not just effective in terms of physical appearance. Many times a balding scalp makes a person feel depressed and low in confidence. A successful hair transplant boosts the confidence of a person and makes them feel young and vibrant again.
  • The result of the surgery is completely natural looking, as compete with to synthetic methods like hair weaving, hair extensions or artificial fiber transplant.
  • With use of modern technique like FUE hair transplant, one can avoid any surgery scar on the scalp and can wear shortly cropped hair after the surgery and resume daily routine within few days after the surgery.

Hair Transplant in India is a reasonably common procedure that is done around the world. As mentioned above, there are many safety precautions that are taken by the doctors and the patients to make this procedure safer. People looking to try this procedure should study it carefully and not worry too much about it. Hair Transplant is a relatively safe and very effective way to combat the problem of hair loss and baldness.

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