Essential Things To Consider Before Selecting A Tree



Trees are essential plants to human beings and animals. They help in playing vital roles in our lives. However, it’s not all trees that we benefit directly, but some are crucial like palo santo smudge.


However before you start a nursery or garden center, you need to start by doing some preparations. So, the first thing should be the examination of the planting site; landscape requires and also obtain pertinent information.


For trees, they have some essential features like hardiness, size, diseases, susceptible to pests and soil conditions. So, you will need to carefully select and create an attractive landscape so that you can prevent future problems of maintaining. Here are some of the things you have to look when choosing trees:



  • Condition Of The Soil


The condition of the soil on where you want to plant your tree will affect that tree. However, there are some soil condition levels that most of the trees thrive well although there are some exceptions.


When considering the soil, the other essential property is the porosity of that soil. You have to select appropriate plants that can thrive will in either wet or dry soil. Some trees will do well in wet areas while others will not perform well.



  • Hardiness


Cold hardiness is the other factor you need to consider when selecting the tree to plant. Depending on the condition of the area, you can choose some trees that are hardy and can grow in harsh conditions.


However, the other important thing is drought and heat tolerance. If you choose weak plants, they will be easily destroyed by diseases or insects. Due to poor tolerance to either heat or drought, you can’t recommend some trees to grow in certain areas.



  • Size


Another essential thing to consider is to know the tree when it is mature so that to avoid numerous landscape problems. The spread of trees and mature height will also vary due to the condition of the soil. So, if you know their size when mature you will prevent obstructions of pedestrians, overcrowding, and interference of overhead utility wires and obstacles of vehicular.


If you select your tree correctly, you will increase their life span and also less maintenance.


  • Susceptible To Pest


The other vital factor you will need to consider when you want to select the tree to plant is both insects and diseases susceptibility. Currently, various diseases are dangerous for some plants like pine wilt that affects scotch pine.  


If your scotch pine is affected by pine wilt, it will quickly kill the tree. If you face any such disease, the best thing is to contain that disease by removing and then destroying the dying trees. However, because of some diseases, you are not recommended to use some trees as your home landscapes and windbreakers.


On the other hand, some diseases like Apple scab can be prevented when you select resistant varieties. You can also defoliate heavily because the tree will survive but look unattractive.

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