How Are Dental Implants Done?


Have you ever faced any tooth related problems? Do you feel the need of getting the dental implants done?

A Dental implant is basically replacing the broken or damaged tooth through various dental surgeries. Once the surgery is complete and the implant is done, you won’t see any mark anywhere. This means there are no major risks in taking this surgery.

Generally, dental implants are done to replace the roots of a tooth which is damaged or affected. Usually by performing these implants the crowns and bridgeworks etc. are secured. These implants are made up of some lightweight yet strong and non-toxic material such as titanium or any other titanium related alloys, which is meant to strengthen up the affected tooth.

When do you require a dental implant?

Dental implants are generally required when you have any of the following issues:

  • Any major accident leading to partial or complete removal of your teeth.
  • Any severe problem in the gums.
  • If you face any issues with the jawbone or there comes any deformity in the structure of the jawline.

Procedure for performing dental implants

Any dental implant surgery is performed in various stages and in a particular sequence.

  • X-Ray examination of your whole mouth is done to find out where there is a missing tooth or deformity.
  • Once the X-Ray reports arrive then based on that doctors carefully examine the X-ray graph and suggests you a particular dental implant procedure.

Based on the prescriptions made by the doctor finally, the dental implant is done in the following sequence –

Removal of damaged teeth -Firstly, the broken or rather the damaged tooth is removed.

Preparing Jawbone for surgery -Then, bone grafting procedure is performed to prepare the jawbone for surgery.

Jawbone implant -Once your jawbone gets healed then the dentist just put the dental implant in your jawbone.

Healing period -You need to undergo a healing procedure which at times last for a month.

Replacement by implanting tooth – Once the soft tissues present in your jawbone gets healed up in a month or maybe more, your dentist finally implants new teeth and thus your implant is complete.

Dental implants are totally safe and secure. Moreover, they can surely help you get rid of your acute oral dental issues. In this regard, Oracare dental implants can help put an end to your denture problems and will make you more confident.

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