Benefits of Prophy Paste


Prophy paste is a cleaning and polishing paste in one; it has been formulated to help keep the teeth white and healthy. It is also a great way to remove plaques from the teeth, which could result in cavities if they stay longer on the teeth. Having cleaner teeth isn’t just to show off a pretty smile but also to improve your teeth health and overall health eventually.

Prophy paste for home use is made from a composition of perlite particles of different sizes with Sodium fluoride, and it usually comes in different flavors. Fluoride is generally used in toothpaste, as it inhibits demineralization and enhances remineralization. The ability to remove stains and plaques from the teeth while leaving a pleasant flavor is what makes prophy paste a great option to go for.

Here are some of the benefits of prophy paste:

  1. Gives a Healthy White Teeth

Different things could cause a stain on the teeth on a daily basis,\. This includes the use of tobacco, drinking coffee, tea, red wine or any food that can cause teeth coloring, accumulation of plaque, trauma to the teeth, treatment with antibiotic tetracycline, and even the natural aging process. Regardless of how your teeth got stained, you can work towards whitening it, as it helps boost your confidence when you give a great and appealing smile and also makes you look younger. Prophy paste helps deep cleanse the tooth surface and makes your teeth whiter, healthier and refreshed. The fine perlite particles in the prophy paste help to enhance the cleaning further and make your teeth even smoother.

  1. Improves Dental Hygiene

Using prophy paste could also be a great preventive dental care, to help avoid teeth complications like cavities, gum disease, and enamel wear. Prophy paste cleanses the teeth, which prevents the formation of plaque on the teeth surface, thereby reducing the risk of cavities. This will eventually help improve your dental hygiene in the long run, and you steer clear of stains, plaque, calculus, any form of dental disease and even bad breath.

  1. Improves Cavities Resistance

The teeth have different levels of cavities resistance, and the prophy paste is a great cavity resistance solution. Cavities are formed when bacteria in your mouth come in contact with refined sugars and fermented carbohydrates, the combination of which would yield in acid formation. This acid then promotes the loss of protective calcium and phosphate in the enamel of the teeth, which then results in cavities. Cavities could also stem from dry mouth or receding gums.

By consistently using the prophy paste, you increase your teeth’s resistance to cavities, as it thoroughly cleanses the teeth and also prevents the formation of plaques that could result in cavities.

  1. It Helps to Polish the Teeth

Everyone deserves well-polished teeth that will make them confident with their smiles. Prophy paste can help create that magic by removing dental stains due to the perlite particles in it. The perlite particles are in different sizes and are one of the things to consider when choosing your preferred prophy paste. The size choice should depend on your teeth stain but be careful not to use too much of it, as it could be harsh on your enamel, which won’t be great for your dental hygiene. Prophy paste helps polish the teeth and leaves it clean, smooth and shiny while reducing the risk of plaque build-up which could damage the teeth.

If you are keen on improving your dental care and have healthier teeth, you may want to consider getting a prophy paste. It will give you an instant result as it removes plaques and surface discoloration. You also don’t have to break the bank to get one, so consider it as getting a huge value for your money. The most amazing part about this is that the prophy paste doesn’t just whiten the teeth and remove plaques but also prevents future cavities by making the teeth resistant to it.

However, it is advisable to see your dentist before deciding on the prophy paste to use and how to use it.

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