The Benefits of a Medical Lift Chair



Medical lift chairs are designed to provide the user with a smooth transition from reclining to standing or vice-versa. Seniors, people with disabilities, and those who have difficulty maintaining balance or strength can benefit from a medical lift chair.

Reasons to Consider Using a Lift Chair

A lift chair provides a stable way to get up and down from a comfortable recliner without putting excess strain on the body. With the push of a button, a medical lift chair can be used in an upright position, reclined back for naps, or titled forward to allow the user to return to a standing position.

Lift chairs are not only beneficial for those who use them, but also for caregivers. With a lift chair, caregivers do not have to pull and tug on the patient during transfers, reducing the likelihood of injuries.

Many medical lift chairs are also equipped with other favorable features, such as heat and massage. In addition, most lift chairs have footrests that simultaneously extend from the front. When the chair is put into a reclining position, it improves circulation and reduces the buildup of fluid in the legs.

For users who have difficulty sleeping flat on a mattress, a medical lift chair can also function as a bed. These chairs recline into a sleeping position by pressing the right setting on the remote. There is no lever on the side of the chair like with standard recliners.

Shopping at a Home Medical Supply Store

You can find a medical lift chair at your local home medical supply store. When choosing a chair, consider factors like size, number of positions, type of material, and lifting capabilities. Heated or vibrating seats can also be attractive features for those suffering from age-related aches and pains.

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