I Relieved My Heel Pain Using an Arch Support Insoles

I am a delivery man, and I go to different places in Singapore to deliver parcels to their rightful owners. My work...

Written by James Boynton · 1 min read >

I am a delivery man, and I go to different places in Singapore to deliver parcels to their rightful owners. My work forces me to use all my strength on a daily basis. Also, this type of work forces me to do a lot of walking, thus it is really rewarding to sit down, put my feet up and relax and be just comfortable after a hard day of work.

Relaxing my feet gives me the feeling of having an instant foot spa. Recently I noticed that my feet hurt whenever I use one of my pairs of shoes. I think those shoes do not fit well with my feet. Hence I need to buy another pair of shoes that firmly support my feet. This is where the problem begins, because it is really hard for me to find a shoe pair that fits perfectly on both of my feet.

Luckily, one of friends has recommended me to a clinic that makes custom-made insoles. East Coast Podiatry Clinic makes custom-made insoles for their patients. Their custom insoles vary from their different patients’ needs and wants. But the clinic has a long process before you get your personalized insoles. You need a proper consultation with their podiatrist in order for them to recommend you to get your custom insoles. This process is needed to know if you have an existing and underlying foot problem.

I went to ECPC’s clinic and consulted with one of their foot and ankle expert regarding the pain I felt when I was wearing that certain pair of shoes. I also brought the shoes for them to check, and just as I thought, the foot expert told me that the pair of shoes is not compatible with my feet. The foot and ankle expert then measured my feet and made me do some physical tests in order to properly assess the condition of my feet.

After the thorough assessment on my feet, ECPC’s foot expert told me to find an arch support insoles here in Singapore, because those insoles will best feet the physical structure of my feet. There are many shops that sell an arch support insoles, but the foot expert told me that I need a custom-made insole to best address my problem. So I trusted ECPC to manufacture my specialized insole for my feet.

After a day, the clinic told me to go back and get my custom-made insole for testing. So I went back to their clinic and I was able to get my specialized arc support insoles, and because it was custom-made, it was a perfect fit for on the sole of my feet. Now, the pain I was experiencing before is already dead gone.

I can now move swiftly without experiencing pain and annoyance on my feet. I feel like I can move quickly than ever because of the comfortability of my specialized insoles. ECPC’s arc support insoles are Singapore’s best, without a doubt.