10 Impressive Drinking Water Facts that You Must Know About

One thing that we don’t need to be told to do is to drink water. We do it every day of our...

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One thing that we don’t need to be told to do is to drink water. We do it every day of our lives, and we also use it for a variety of other purposes. But how many of us drink it correctly, and do we really know the range of health benefits of drinking water?

Here are ten facts about drinking water:

  1. Drinking enough water helps the kidneys function properly and get rid of toxic substances in the body. If the amount of water consumed isn’t enough, the body does not expel the toxins but holds them back.
  2. Consuming water is also associated with weight loss. Although it does not actually begin the process, it does act as a helping agent. By acting as a substitute for other beverages and also making you feel full, it prevents the intake of unnecessary calories. It is also said to increase metabolism, which burns calories.
  3. It forms saliva and mucus and keeps the mouth, nose, and eyes moist. It aids digestion and makes bowel movement easier.
  4. Water keeps joints lubricated, which otherwise lose their shock-absorbing ability and become painful.
  5. Water acts as a carrier of minerals and vitamins, which dissolve in the water and are taken to every part of the body. Thus, drinking enough water makes these nutrients more accessible.
  6. Drinking water has an effect on the functioning of the brain. It is involved in the production of hormones and neurotransmitters. Reduction in water level can impair memory and brain performance.
  7. Keeping the body hydrated ensures that there is enough water to form sweat, which is essential for the body to cool itself down. Thus, it also helps regulate body temperature.
  8. Drinking water can reduce the likeliness of minerals crystallising into kidney stones, and may also prevent recurrence in those who have previously had kidney stones.
  9. Drinking water between taking alcoholic drinks, and at least a big glass of water before going to bed, can prevent the hangover in the morning.
  10. Consuming enough water improves the performance of physical activities. It helps avoid fluctuations in body temperature, fatigue, and demotivation.

It is not enough to keep drinking water. It is important to keep in mind the correct way to do it. Although a fixed amount is not agreed upon, the recommended amount of fluid (not just water) intake is about two litres a day for women, and three litres for men. Also, do not drink water during a meal and for thirty minutes after a meal, as it slows down digestion. Sometimes, drinking too much water can also be a problem. People with certain heart conditions, high blood pressure, and swelling of the lower legs should avoid excess water.

Water, the universal solvent, is also a solution to many health problems. Keeping health in mind, do not refuse your body this basic requirement, as it takes minimal effort. Also find a solution to your financial problems during a health crisis by signing up for a health insurance policy, which will let you keep your savings intact while you focus on recovery.