Work With Passion, But Prioritize Your Health.

A passionate career can call many health issues. We all want to make money, but spending most of our time sitting and...

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A passionate career can call many health issues. We all want to make money, but spending most of our time sitting and clicking on the computer keyboard can cause us health problems. But in that moment when you realize that your back pain may not be normal pain, that’s where you should wake up and start improving your habits before it’s too late.

Spending too much time sitting can cause poor postures that eventually cause different negative consequences and discomforts that cannot be addressed in a single visit to the doctor. In some cases, patients must undergo therapies and surgeries that may not be very effective. When people don’t find relief they begin to try everything to feel better and this can lead them to believe in scams and miracle products that can further affect their health.

Surgery should definitely not be the first option a doctor poses, unless the symptoms really warrant it. For that there is a great variety of treatments, among which are the massages, sessions with the chiropractor and the use of multiple devices that improve muscle relaxation and stretching of the vertebrae, such as pressure devices, Cordus-Sacrus or massagers that They are simple and quite effective.

If the opinion of doctors is that spine surgery may not be necessary, and these tools are not to your liking, you can try other types of treatments such as acupuncture, cortisone injections, ozone therapy, any amount of pain relievers, etc. ., which are minimally invasive, that only block pain, that do not correct the problem and that can be expensive.

Given the worst scenarios, severe back pain can have a big impact on the legs, which can seriously damage your motor skills. So, before you lose your chance to live, how about you improve your back posture?, do some physical activity and use non-invasive methods that help you correct the true cause of your pain.

Don’t forget that to have a successful career, you must first be healthy. Listen to all accurate opinions before undergoing possibly unnecessary surgery. Take care of your spine and make sure you improve your posture when working and sleeping.